View Full Version : ADULT and been to a Schroth Clinic? Realistically, what benefits did you get?

07-04-2012, 03:42 AM
Please please abstain from answering if you're not an adult and/or your experience does not relate to a scheleton past his/her growth phase.

I've contacted the original Schroth Clinic in Germany and this is their "presentation":

Dear Sirs,

At present the Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinic is worldwide the only clinic offering such an inpatient intensive rehabilitation programme

The Three Dimensional Therapy for Scoliosis by the Katharina Schroth method is an individual treatment for scoliosis with a well proven exercises programme (treatment according to the individual curve pattern, in groups and individual sessions with and without special exercises to elongate and derotate trunk and spine, also with specialised respiratory care.

The effects are up to 40 % recorded corrections in patients with curvatures of more than 30° during the growth period, proved postural corrections in almost all patients after their stay at our clinic, prevention or delay of curve progression, improvement of lung capacity and cardiac function and conservation and recovery of fitness for work.

Terms of payment:
Daily costs of inpatient treatment including treatment, board and lodging for the patients: Euro: 140,00 €
Daily costs of board and lodging for an accompanying person (necessary for child until the age of 14): Euro: 60,--. The full amount has to be paid 4 weeks in advance.

The accompanying person will be accommodated together with the patient in a double room in our clinic.

The first treatment should to go over 4 weeks at least.

Therapy language
The therapy language is German. Only a few single exercises can be made in English. But most of our patients from abroad had been very good integrated in the therapy, because of the physical demonstration of the exercises. The introduction in the first week is in English. English or German knowledge is urgently needed.

A percentage of a reduction of the curvature cannot be given, because it is very individual and not at least depending from the compliance of the patient. The patients are learning to control their posture with special exercises; whish has to be done at home every day. They are learning to help their self’s.

Our therapy is the physiotherapy 5 – 6 hours per day, Saturday from 08.00 – 12.30 h individual, but most in groups. Patients with the same curvature will be done in groups from the 2. week of treatment. In the first week patients who come the first time, are learning special exercises for their individual curvature.

There are openings end of november actually. Arriving and departure is only on Wednesday.

- actual medical report about the scoliosis
- name, date of birth and home address of the patient and the accompanying person.

We are looking forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards

As I have a full time job I couldn't possibly take a 4 week course, but aside that, it all sounds a bit impersonal to me, I think there's a lot of group therapy (especially for that kind of money), being a fully grown man I'm not sure working together with adolescents is the best way to go. What was your experience of attending a Schroth clinic (anywhere in the world, but preferably a serious and reputable one) and which tangible results did you get from it?