View Full Version : Fusion to Sacrum – Laser Hair Removal in Bikini Area.

06-30-2012, 02:20 PM
While deciding on whether or not to get a spinal fusion I am getting a few steps ahead of myself and thinking about getting laser hair removal from legs and bikini area. Oh, boy, it is pricey… This joy will take a long time and I might have a surgery before all the treatments are finished, which means I may have to have several hair removal sessions after the surgery.

My question is – if I am fused to the sacrum, is laser hair removal in bikini area OK? Would it mess up some screws in the sacrum because it’s relatively close? I’ll ask surgeons about it, but wondered if you guys have any idea.

06-30-2012, 02:34 PM
Hi Irina,

I am sure the laser hair removal will not be an issue as far as the surgery is concerned. The laser just penetrates into the skin, not beyond.

I had a series of laser hair removal treatments a few years ago--I had a nice big spa gift certificate! I think I went 5 times. It definitely decreased the amount of hair on my legs and lightened it (and I am not too hairy or dark to begin with), but I still have to shave. I think this may be a typical result if you ask real people, not the spa people. I got waxed before my surgeries since I knew I wouldn't be able to shave for quite some time.

I have not seen the topic of bikini hair management post-fusion to sacrum here, but it is definitely an issue for me since I swim and don't want hair showing outside my suit (eeew). Some things are almost too embarrassing to ask...

06-30-2012, 03:12 PM

May be you need a few more sessions? I’ve got two quotes – one place sells packages of 5 sessions and another – packages of 10 sessions. The 5 sessions place said that I might need a few additional sessions and 10-sessions place said that most people need 10 sessions. And I am not that hairy either.

It’s funny how these people are like car sales men!

“Last day promotion, I’ll give you a discount (and dropping the price by $1,000), I’ll throw in underarm, just don’t leave and buy right now.” I was trying hard not to laugh.