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01-13-2005, 04:40 PM
I recently saw my orthopaedic doctor that I have been waiting months to see. I went in with the notion of "interviewing" for him to do the surgery to correct Harrington and Luque rods.

What I was so baffled about is after speaking to him about the stresses of areas above and below the fused areas he said surgery would be in vain.

As I sat there with my mouth open I realized he was not the doctor for me. I say this because he acted like he had some knowledge of my condition. HE NEVER TOOK EVEN ONE X-RAY! So just as a reminder that even when you THINK you are getting a great doctor remember to second guess.

I further want to remark that I am disabled and have been for sometime now and I even relocated my family to have better doctors and I did not think sitting there with a lame doctor was appropriate after all we have been through.

Mary Lou
01-13-2005, 05:00 PM

Keep looking and you will find the doctor that is right for you.

Personally the surgeon who did my daughter's surgery was our fifth opinion. 1st doctor treated her as though she was a 2 y.o. instead of a 12 y.o. and also knew nothing about an underlying condition he needed to address; 2nd doctor was very knowledgable but did not do scoliosis surgery on children; 3rd doctor said doing surgery on my daughter was for cosmetic reasons only; 4th doctor was excellent and met all of our needs, however, he is very busy and my daughter didn't want to wait to get into his surgery schedule; 5th doctor was as qualified and wonderful as doctor #4 and he is the one who did her surgery.

I strongly feel that you have to trust your doctor before agreeing to surgery. Good luck.

Mary Lou

01-13-2005, 05:09 PM
Hi Mary Lou,
Thanks for your input. I try to feel as comfortable with my doctor,and this time I was in shock in the office and I could not even speak. I have along way to go before getting better and it was frustrating to have him say this. I am glad to hear your daughter had a great surgeon and hope she is now doing well. My daughter(s) both have scoliosis. We are aggresively treating it in hope they wont need the type of back surgery I had if any. We are trying out Upper cervical treatments. It has definetely helped with the older ones migraines.


01-14-2005, 10:37 AM
Krystal, what is Upper Cervical Treatment? My daughter is 4 and was diagnosed at birth with an undertermined genetic sydrome. Scoliosis was one of the issues at hand. Taylor has had 3 spinal fusings and we are looking to do another one at the end of Febuary. Posterior has been the last 3 fusings, this time he wants to go in through the front as well as the back to perform the fusing. Taylor is too small for rods thats why they have not been installed.

01-14-2005, 06:30 PM
Hi Tracy,
Sorry to hear about your little one. It must be very frustrating to not have a diagnoses for her. But you are doing the right things by educating yourself on how to help her. I ran across this treatment accidentally and really did not take it seriuosly. I first went for some old fashioned back cracking for my neck and shoulder. This chiropractor is "new age". He uses a different technique by first realigning the top bone called the atlas. He does a simple xray to see its position and then realigns it. It doesnt have a feeling to it at all. I have not been able to pick up my arm prior to this alignment for about a year.

I have done physical therapy and every excersise to be thought of and now I can raise my arm over my head and even button my pants, which I have been able to do in a while.

I have my daughter 9 (she has scoliosis too) is going too and she hasnt had a migraine since she has gone to him. She averages 2 migraines per week. And has been through hell for the last 2 years with them. She has had over 60 migraines and nothing has helped her. No medication will help.

My little one is 7 and she has just been diagnosed with scoliosis too. I see them in these stages and I cant help but too see how the spinal cord is an issue. My spinal cord is short and it did not grow to the length of my spine.

I hope they can find out what is that is causing the problem with your child. Has anyone in your family had anything similar.

My mom has spina bifida but no one else had scoliosis on her side. And my dad side no one, but two cousin close to my age from each side of the family have scoliosis. I speak everyday to the one cousin and she has the same back problems I do and she hasnt had surgery so I wonder if the spinal cord is the problem.

Take care and I will pray you can find an answer.

this tells you all about it go to the top and on the How it works, then to the Upper Cervical Procedure.