View Full Version : Discomfort Questions- Did Surgery help??

03-12-2012, 11:41 AM
Pain questions- resolving with surgery??

I wanted to know from the ones who already had a surgery if scoliosis surgery helped the discomfort and pain I am currently experiencing..

1)Hip and waist- Sometimes when I wake up in the morning or sit the wrong way, my hip feels like it moved out of place on my right side, it feels like it raised itself higher and got closer to ribs. It can last for an hour or usually most likely a day or longer, it is a very uncomfortable feeling and I wondered if anyone had similar discomfort and a surgery cured the problem?

2)Sitting down- My hump which is on the left side of my spine where it curves, the muscles creating the hump hurt real bad when I sit longer than few minutes, they seem to tighten even more. On other days the opposite side of my spine (right side) will be the one hurting while sitting but it is a completely different sensation, more of a nerve pulling by the bottom of my lumbar curve. It is also affecting my neck, like it can't find its place when I sit and there is lots of pressure behind it at it's lower part. How did a surgery solved or did not solve any of the discomforts?

3)neck pain- Sleep; no pillow/any pillow seem to not help it feel comfortable (usually a result of no.2 from earlier that day). Neck seems to push forward while sitting or standing. Anyone had neck discomfort resolved after surgery?

4)Shoulders- Difficulty keeping shoulders pushed back, they always fall forward as I always try to keep them pulled back and that causes a lot of tension at that area down to mid back. Difficulty sitting with straight back as well, fighting the hunched back everyday.

Any info will be very helpful :)