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11-26-2003, 07:52 PM
I just wanted to post a message and introduce myself. My names Jenn, I'm 19 and I had scoliosis surgery when I was 13 on March 3rd 1999. I went into surgery with a 60 degree curve, but came out 2 inchs taller :) After surgery my hospital stay ended up being 14 days instead of the 7 days the doc had said. I had alot of complications after surgery. Weight loss, allergic reaction to meds (where at one point they couldnt figure out why I was shaking and hallucinating and were getting ready to send me to the psych ward before my dr came in and connected that I was just having an allergic reaction to the nausea meds) So that was a fun stay. After I was released home I was sent home in a brace (I had an inch from 6 ribs removed on my right side because of a rib hump) So i needed the brace so the ribs would grow in straight. I was in that brace for at least 6 months (during the dead heat of a southern california summer) During that time the pain dr prescribed me oxycontin. In which I got addicted to that at 13 and became suicidal. And sadly I would go into the dr every month and they were writing me a new prescription, so I had a never ending supply of something that was supposed to help the pain but was making me depressed instead. Finally after a few months of bed ridden depression I threw my entire supply of oxy out. Up to date, I was very careless on my back, I've done activities that put way too much stress on my poor back and now Im regretting it. I have back aches alot and the doctor is worried, I have an arthritic spine and its deteriorating.

But overall, I have been thinking about my back, my limitations, things I wish I had done differently, and the fact that i wish I had had some form of support during the last 4 years. And so I set out to find a board such as this. I have sat reading through posts for the past hour and it chokes me up, reading posts with the same questions and concerns I had. I know and can relate to many(almost too many) of the posters. So I am glad to have found this board where I hope I can offer my understanding support, and hopefully recieve some as well.