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02-17-2012, 03:30 PM
My son is looking (finally) for a good scoliosis dr in his area. He has difficulty driving now and unrelated to his scoliosis he is beginning to have kidney failure. He lives in Bedford and is looking for a good dr. He is 26 years old with a double curve. He currently has united health care but his job is sketchy so he is trying to get something going while he still has medical insurance for both his back and kidney issue. I am not familiar with the back specialist in that area so any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

I haven't posted in a while because working 6 hours a day along with physical therapy is all I can seem to manage most days. I feel almost too straight to breath. Most of my pain is with my formerly compressed ribs. Idk how long that takes to stop hurting but I'm over it already. I have my 3 month post op next week so I will see how well I am healing. The physical therapy has given me some blood pressure issues I have never had before. My general dr says it is just temporary from all the drugs and pain level can cause some issues in some patients. Numbness in my back is starting to go away and some days I just burn and tingle. Dr says its just nerves healing. The most interesting thing is that I find my sides and abdomen area can seen numb some days and other days I find that I have become quite ticklish. Didn't know it was possible to tickle yourself. Dr says its a good sign that the nerves are healing and that most likely I will regain most if not all of my sensitivity in my back over time. Can't wait because if something were to crawl on me or touch me right now I wouldn't really feel it. Bowels are back to normal for the first time this week since the surgery. Hope the appitite comes back as I need my 12 pounds back. :).

02-17-2012, 09:01 PM
Hi, Kayde,
I can't help you with a scoli Dr. for your son, but you sound great. I still have numbness in some areas of my back at 13 months, but it doesn't bother me. Keep up the good recovery.

02-19-2012, 06:45 PM
hi Kayde! glad to hear that you're back at work, part time! i know there are good spine surgeons in the DFW area but i can't recommend any. my surgeon is in Austin, a good drive south, dr Geck. He fused my cervical spine C4- C7, and he will be fusing my back T2-L4 sometime later this year. He is highly competent- what more can you ask for in a surgeon? :D Jamie in TX