View Full Version : Kyphosis, and the Boston Brace

01-06-2005, 05:33 AM
my 14 year old daughter was diagnosed and fitted for a brace this week for sheurmanns kyphosis.

what about travelling with the brace? ie plane travel.
or is it advisable to stay close to home and travel on short trips by car.

01-07-2005, 04:08 AM
I read the other post you wrote and I also asked my Mum (much of my brace wearing I don't have complete memories of because I was very little).

We did a few short trips of 2 - 3 hours by plane whilst I was still wearing my brace (23 out of 24 hours a day) and Mum says they went ok (I was to little to remember) and did lots of longer trips by car (4 to 5 hours). Our doc either suggested to take it off for plane travel and put it back on the next day, or to leave it on, not a bit of both (I can't remember why)

Things that can help with car/plane travel include

:For Aeroplanes request an aisle seat, or a seat at the begining of a section (ie at the front of the plane) so your daughter would have more leg room to stretch. Sometimes we needed a doctors note for this, other times we didn't and the airline people were happy to accomadate the request
:For longer aeroplane trips,loosen the top couple of straps on the brace to give a bit more "room" for your body
:For cars especially, lots of pillows, usually little ones that can be squished, and usually one under the neck, cause the brace makes your neck a bit more upright
:I know of someone who found sitting on a triangle wedge cushion helped with longer car travel because it meant that the brace was really comfortable where it met the top of the leg.
:On the Aeroplane take lots small walks up and down the plane and stretch
:For car travel stop every hour or couple of hours and once again get up and stretch

I'm a very big advocate, in that a brace should not stop you being able to do anything, especially enjoyable things such as going away on family holidays, and that you should always "give it a go", and if it doesn't work, work out another way, because anything's possible.

One thing I suggest is wait for long trips in Car/Planes until your daughter is used to wearing the brace and is comfortable wearing it for the time she's supposed to each day, perhaps in about 2 to 3 months .