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12-09-2011, 04:14 PM
It's been years since I have been contemplating about surgery and whether or not I actually need it. Now that my curves have progressed and my back pain increased, I am constantly re-evaluating my decision and thoughts of surgery. In 2007 when I was scheduled for surgery but backed out, I had minimum back pain but my main concern at the time was my cosmetic appearance. Today, I learned to accept my body the way it is and dress my curves so that no one even notices I have have a curved back. But, I am in a lot more discomfort these days, I limit myself as to what I do. I have a family and a full time job and although I have great help in my life I still exprience spasms, sciatica nerve pain, low back pain, neck pain and just overall feeling tired all the time. Over the years I noticed how I do less physical work and activities but I am always feeling like I had a really hard day. Every time I need to run an errand or just pick up groceries I know that afterwards I will be in pain and it just kills me. I often can't stand for long time or walk alot. I used to wear heels every day and lately I notice how much I love flat shoes! I don't think it is normal to feel this way at age 30. My husband says that in 5 years it probably will feel even worse if I do not do anything about it. Since I am not the type of person who loves to exercise to strenghten my back, I often end up going to PTs, doctors for injections, and get lots of massages to relax my muscles. All of this has lead me to finally make a step forward and make the appointment to see the surgeon again. I hope to learn more about the progression of my curves since 2008 and to get an opinion from Dr. Boachie. I know that I am a surgery candidate but it is really difficult to make that dreadful decision. Hopefully he will enlighten me on January 9th!

Thanks to all on this forum for such great information and for updating us on your progress! You have been great support!!


Mojo's Mom
12-09-2011, 06:29 PM
Other than your much younger age, Mariya, your story could be mine. It's funny, the loss of quality of life kind of sneaks up on you a little at a time, and then one day you realize how much you are cutting back on activities, how tired you feel, how much the pain effects every moment of your life, and somehow the unthinkable surgery starts to become thinkable.

Good luck with your consult. You'll be ready when you know you are ready, and we all get there in our own time. I sure wouldn't be doing the surgery if I didn't know that I'm getting worse with every month, and there is no stopping it without doing a surgery that five years ago I simply could not have even thought about without breaking down. I've accepted the inevitable. If you're only 30 and having this much trouble, yes, it will get much worse. I often feel frustrated that at 53 I feel like I'm 73 half the time. You shouldn't be feeling the way you are at 30.

12-09-2011, 09:00 PM
Thank you Stephanie!!! Its incredible how we scoli people all feel the same in many ways!! Its such a relief to know that I am not the only one going through this. Although there is an age difference, I feel like in your age group most of the time. Its tough bc I am young and I am embarassed in front of family and friends to appear disabled and also I feel like I always have to explain myself. In the family, no one really understands, alot of times they try to but then I hear "well you need to exercise" or "everyone has back pain". They are right, but, its not easy to be in this body. Sometimes I wonder if its just me being lazy? Latey I feel more of guilty feeling that I always have an excuse why I can not do certain things like the basics cleanning, cooking elaborate dinners, have friends over, etc. Sometimes I feel like its normal to feel tired after these events but then I see others and how active they are and makes me feel like an old lady. I often ask myself if this is the way I am feeling now then how will I feel in ten, twenty or even thirty years down the road. Unfortunately kids get to hear constantly how my back hurts and they often cry with me and feel sad. I also wanted to have another child, always wanted a big family. Will have to discuss this with the doctor as well.

It makes sense when you say I shouldnt feel this way when I am 30! Its just many people dont even realize I have scoliosis or in pain most of the time because I try to always be positive and never complain to others outside my family so everyone probably thinks I am normal but I am def not.

Hopefully you will be on the other side soon and will be another sucessful story!!! Thanks for caring and it really does help and makes me feel alot better!!!