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11-19-2011, 09:31 AM
Hello forum friends, I have been taking Percocet 5mg/ acetominophen 325mg for a number of years, I was down to 2 pills left from my 2009 prescription - of 30 pills- so 30 pills have lasted two years for me. I do not feel I am addicted - I usually take 1/2 a percocet with one tylenol or w/ motrin. but now that I'm pre-op I am stuck without NSAIDs. I asked my primary care doc for a new prescription, and the pharmacy gave me roxicet- which they said is the same. Well, it doesn't relieve my pain, I ended up taking one whole pill last nite and finally fell asleep, and I woke up w/ this migraine, and I am not about to take another roxicet :(

I am skeptical. I am a nurse, I "know" that both meds are oxycodone and tylenol- but this is my first ever experience with Roxicet and I am ready to throw them away, in fact, I am going to ask my surgeon for percocet and return this prescription to the pharmacy. ( I'm having cervical fusion Monday and I hate waiting for meds to be filled, so I wanted to have my pain meds available.)

Now please- before anyone thinks I'm a junkie- please remember- I still have one pill left from a 2009 prescription of 30 pills- so I do not feel that I take percocet casually. I only take narcotics when the pain is intolerable. The pharmacist assured me that they are the same drugs, and I'm sure he thinks I have a tolerance - but really? really? Taking 29 percocet in 2 yrs has given me a tolerance? I don't think so, I think the Percocet are more effective meds. anyone else have experience with switching between roxicet and percocet- going from percocet (better pain relief) to roxicet - thanks for sharing. I'm just frustrated; I am trying to plan and prepare for my neck surgery (phase I of the scoli correction). There's so little I can control, but I know what works for me- and I hate it when I perceive that I am being judged a "drug addict". thanks for listening..... Jamie

11-19-2011, 10:57 AM
what does the inernet tell you about the two medications?

i worked with addicts as a social worker in Manhattan...
of course you are not addicted...
i would look at pharmacy websites, or speak to another pharmacist
or just tell your doctor this pill is not helping your pain....

do you have a pain management doctor...a specialist?


11-19-2011, 11:19 AM
I haven't taken the new drug but my daughters x-boyfriend has the same experience. He went back to his dr. The only thing he was told was that the oxy contained more acetaminophen than the other which boosts the pain reliever. I do not know if that is true but I do know he has the same experience. I doubt your small doses of the meds make you addicted. Not being told I couldn't just quit taking my oxy trust me if your body was craving that a migraine would be the least of your symptoms. I get horrible migraine and I do believe some meds can cause you to have them not worth it. If they are willing to give u that they should be able to give u what works.

11-19-2011, 02:30 PM
I take generic percocet and I usually get it from my clinic pharmacy. I had to get an Rx filled at Walgreen's and it was supposed to be the same 5/350. It was pure JUNK. I don't know who their supplier was, didn't think to look on the bottle, but it didn't work AT ALL. I told my doc about it and he said he'd heard of other drugs coming from that store not working, but never the generic percocet. Soooo.... that's all I know. If the mixers are different, you can have different reactions. I know some people that are actually allergic to the mixers in certain generic meds. So it might boil down to the mixer and not the actual drug.

11-19-2011, 05:13 PM
Thx for sharing ur experiences! Jess- I really appreciate ur opinion, I don't know much about tolerance or addiction, no clinical experience w/ drug addiction- I've worked oncology / nephrology and surgery and we encourage patients to use narcotics for pain relief. For personal use- I tried to limit my use of narcotics, but as I've said- without the NSAIDs Im hurting .... Kayde, Roher- thx too for validating my dissatisfaction with this generic oxycodone. When I am discharged, i will ask Dr Geck for a new prescription- and have it filled at a different pharmacy - for the real Percocet, which I know works for me. As an aside, I am starting to get nervous... I am packing tonight, we are leaving tomorrow to drive to Austin, for surgery on Monday. It's only my neck, <only> ! There's a memory rhyme "one thru five keeps you alive" meaning the Cspine between vertebrae one thru five control your breathing, heartbeat, keeps you alive! so many fears.... I pray I will be back typing to you within the week- God bless and thx for listening.

11-19-2011, 11:42 PM
best of luck with the surgery...


11-19-2011, 11:58 PM
I can understand the fear you have of surgery, but these docs have come a LONG way. Don't worry about being addicted. Keep your pain under control with the meds the doc recommends. Out of control pain is hard to deal with and get back under control. Remember one thing, and this comes from the words my doctor told me when I was worried about becoming addicted, withdrawal symptoms from a med does NOT equal addiction to a med. You will go through withdrawal to some degree after you start feeling better, but that doesn't mean you have abused the drug. I'm sure you are in good hands and will be reporting back to us soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

11-20-2011, 07:55 AM
Right after the surgery I was on Oxycoudone (sp?) and it did help ALOT with the pain, I was really out of it too....I very heavily depended on it being administered every two hours.

Also, after a few days after surgery, the muscle spasms started and I needed valium once or twice a day.

Not sure if you read through any of my posts, but I moved to the rehab place from hell for a few days and in order to escape, I switched to the oxycudone to the Hudrocodon-acetaminophen (aka vicodin). It worked just about as well. I would take a valium right before going to bed and it worked well.

Just my two cents from someone who is 11 weeks post surgery.