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01-03-2005, 02:36 PM

One thing that I have learned is that the only person who will take of "you" is YOU. Make yourself a health care plan for life.
I wore the Milwaukee Brace from 12 - 19 and I am currently 40 years old. Here's what I have done.

The Plan
1.) I have stayed the same weight all these years
2.) I walk at least 1 hour per day
3.) Massage therapy 2 times per month
4.) Pilates - I started with Stott Pilates, Be Kind to Your Spine, do this at least 2 times per week.
5.) See a nutritionist and take your vitamins
6.) Buy a vehicle with heated seats,good suspension,neck support
7.) Eat well - think about what you are feeding yourself
8.) Accupuncture when required
9.) Get allergy tested and avoid the foods that are your triggers, you'd be amazed at how your pain levels decrease.

There is no magic fix, but there are a lot of things when put together make a very big lifestyle change.

Pain management - when it gets bad
1.) Sleep on the floor
2.) Hot bath in Epsom Salts
3.) Control Top Panty Hose/Girdle/Good Sports Bra = Support
4.) Heating Pad
5.) I have found "behind the counter" drug here in Canada called Mersyndol (Acetaminophen 325 mg/Codeine phospate 8 mg/doxylamine succinate 5mg)... take one, and I get a realtively pain free sleep
6.) Mattress we bought is called the Heavenly Bed, sold via the Westin change of hotels (they have them in their rooms so you can try it out)

1.) Wear good shoes - very high heels = stupidity, I wear one pair in the a.m. and change to a different height in the afternoon
2.) Good chair
3.) Frequent strech breaks
4.) Make sure your computer screen sits in such a postion that when looking at it your head does not tilt upwards at all, you should have a very slight downwards tilt.

Try New things:
Keep looking and experimenting until you find a lifestlye plan that works for you. You need to make your health and well being the number one priority so that you as a parent, lover, etc. have a body who is funtioning at its optimum.... amazing things happen when you plan to suceed.

I hope many of you find these comments inspirational... and
May your lives be filled with love and kindness.


Nicky's Mom
01-03-2005, 04:55 PM
Hi Calgarygal,
Just wanted to say "Hi", since I live in Calgary too!! I don't have scoliosis, but my three year old son does, which is why I am on this board all the time. I think that the more knowledge I can gain, about scoliosis, the better I can take care of my son!! Anyways, just wanted to say Hello, and welcome!!

Jenny Spencer
01-04-2005, 11:35 AM
Welcome!-and thanks for the tips.