View Full Version : Severe muscle cramps

10-12-2011, 10:28 PM
I get horrible muscle cramps that have gotten worse now that my curve is moving again. Now not only do I have foot and calf cramps- literally calf muscle contracts under my knee I know have back of the thigh cramps and neck and shoulder cramps. Did anyone have this pre surgery? If so are the cramps and pains after surgery worse than pre surgery? I take magnesium and eat lots of bananas that helps but I am worried if they are worse I won't be able to stand it. they give me migraines. I have lyrical but it makes me so dizzy and non functional that I rarely take it. Trying to walk and bike as much as I can but the ivc filter insertion has slowed me down due to the pain in my groin Right now massage and hot tub has been my best friend but I think I will have to wait a few weeks after sugary before I can resume that.