View Full Version : Anyone been to Dr. O'Brien or Dr. Hostin at Baylor Scoliosis?

wendy g.
10-11-2011, 01:10 PM
I am scheduling consults and any feedback regarding their results would be so awesome. Thank you.

10-11-2011, 01:34 PM

I haven't heard of either of them but they look pretty good from a quick Google search!

Dr. O'Brien's CV looks fairly extensive and there is a fair bit of info on him - http://www.consultingorthopedists.com/curriculum-obrien.php

Sorry I couldn't be of any more (1st hand) use!


10-11-2011, 01:51 PM
I got on the forum to ask the same question today. We had Dr. Obrien recommended by another surgeon from where we used to live. We just moved to the Dallas area, and I am hoping to do surgery in the next year. We are wanting to go with someone who really, really is the best at this, but we would love to stay local if at all possible. All the advertising that Baylor does makes me a little nervous. Anyone out there heard much about them??

Mojo's Mom
10-11-2011, 08:54 PM
Well, Dr. O'Brien hasn't DONE anything to me yet, but I consulted with him last winter at his Florida office, and was so impressed I stopped looking for a surgeon after that. I flew out to Dallas in January to tour the hospital at Baylor, which has a very fine reputation and a dedicated spine surgery center. I had a CT myelogram and met again with Dr. O'Brien to review the results and discuss a plan for moving ahead. He gave me all the right answers to the questions that I mostly knew the answers to already from doing my research, and he and his staff are so incredibly kind and caring that I felt totally comfortable and confident in my choice.

He has a sterling reputation and a very impressive background, and trained alongside Dr. Lenke. When I told him I had wanted to consult with Dr. Lenke but I understood my curves did not meet the minimum threshold, Dr. O'Brien said he was sure he could get "Larry" to see me. But I was so comfortable with O'Brien that I've never looked anywhere else, and he has the advantage (for me) of maintaining a very part time office in Florida so that I can see him for follow up in my home state. Dallas is a very quick non-stop flight for me, and that mattered, too.

The facility at Baylor was hugely impressive, and everyone was incredibly nice and professional. It's a "boutique" hospital, basically. I have friends in the medical field who are familiar with Baylor and they have all told me it is first rate all the way.

I would definitely consult with O'Brien, absolutely. If you do schedule with him, stay in touch...I have surgery scheduled for April, and I can let you know how it goes. But I feel strongly that you can feel totally confident in both O'Brien and Baylor, at least the scoliosis center. Hostin I haven't met, and I can't comment. Go with O'Brien.