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01-01-2005, 05:40 AM
Hello spindrift,
This is my second posting and I already feel life I am no longer an alien. It's 4 am and as usual I am awake because I can't find a position to sleep. I ran out of my pain pills and can't get refill until Monday so I am going through severe withdrawls. I've been through it before. If i go to the hospital, they make me wait hours and don't know anything about my condition. I did contact a hospital that linda racine was kind enough to refer, but I'll have to wait unitl Monday. I feel like going there and throwing myself on the floor untill the do surgery.
When this same ortho offfice was carried by my insurance in 1995, they took extensive measurements and said things basically are fine except for my hip and leg on the right side were shorter. Now 3 years later and two children later I have basically only 2 discs that are any good. I have weak, numbing legs, bone spur poking at my spinal cord, I wake up with my arms with no feeling and have to wait several minutes for them to come back to life. When things get bad, I call the ambulance(whom are not understanding of the condition), I wait in the e.r. room for hours trying to get a shot of something to calm the spasms and pain. One time they gave me two morphene shots and antiinflammatory and it did nothing. My Mother was in shock as she is a nurse. By the way. I have nurses in my family and they are the most nonunderstanding. I have been taking nursing courses (it's the only way my family will help financially) and I pray that I get through the surgery so that I can specialize in this area. I've had pain worse than labor pains and i've had four kids.
So I hope that you get yourself into good physical and mental shape and have the surgery.
You can count on my prayers and understanding