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09-25-2011, 11:29 AM
Hello All: Although I have not been on here for a very long time (had to request new password. Ha!) just wanted to let everyone know that it is really GREAT once you reach the other side. I have to admit I was really getting desperate before I had my surgery Mar 1, 2010 - I was in so much pain, passing out at work/home because my heart and lungs were being compressed by my 90+ degree curve, when I got the call from Kelly in Dr. Lenke's office about a cancellation they had for a surgery date, I have to say I jumped with joy and then was in tears scared to death. But, it's like everyone says, once you're in preop and you realize the dire pain you have pain in all those days prior is nearly over, you really do feel a somewhat relief come over you. That's not to say there isn't postop pain (and we all know there is!) and I'm sure everyone will agree it is a long haul postoperatively but you just set your mind to it and you're going to get better!!! Mental status has a huge part to play - and I had the best support (family!) I could have. And, I think Dr. Lenke truly does walk on water!!!

My life is great right now. I won't tell you that I'm not in pain because I still experience a little bit of pain, but it is mostly when I overdo walking or sitting too long. My back still likes to run my life and refuse to let it (yup, I'm determined! ha!) so we have a battle sometimes about it. Usually I have to give in. I'm busy working all day sitting at a computer most of the time at work at the VA Hosp here in town 8-4:30 and then come home and make dinner and then type medical transcription for another local hosp in the evenings. I love my job(s)!!!!! My work during the day is very good to me and know that I have my limitations so they take care of me. Wonder if Dr. Lenke works on hands for when I wear them out typing so much..... LOL

Just wanted to say HEY here. You guys are all GREAT and I really appreciated all your support while I was preop and during my recovery. Those of you who are still waiting for surgery keep a stiff upper lip and if I can help with any questions please do not hesitate to send me a note. I'd be glad to answer if I can. The surgery is truly the best thing you can every do for your self - take it from someone who now has 2 rods and 32 screws back here!!!! Full fusion - top to bottom. Wow - how does he fit all that in back there.

To all those I had talked with long time ago - it would be so great to hear from you again and I will try to be better about logging on here (again) now that I have a new password again. But, you too will find oncde you have the surgery behind you life just refuses to slow down so you can get on. Haha!!!

Talk to you soon and be strong all you preop patients!!!!

Rita T.
Topeka, KS
Full fusion
90+ degree curve preop; now less than 30 degrees. AWESOME!!
Surgery by Dr. Lenke Mar 1, 2010
Dr. Lenke ROCKS!!!!!!

09-25-2011, 06:13 PM
Great update Rita and it sounds as though life is GOOD! I am happy for you. :-)

09-25-2011, 07:03 PM
Thanks so much - I appreciate that.

09-26-2011, 03:54 AM
Great to hear you're doing well Rita! Congratulations on your milestone.

09-26-2011, 03:21 PM
You sound great! I love your signature "Dr. Lenke rocks". He's my hero! I'm glad you are doing well. My, you are ambitious!