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12-21-2004, 10:55 PM
hey, im 17 and ive had sociolosis since i was born ( im a premie) i've been wearing a brace since i was 5 until 16...10yrs. but anyways the point of this post is for parents to UNDERSTAND what u'r child/teenager is going through. i guess through my experience.. maybe it'll help.
- well first off my dad came into my gr 1 class and explained to the whole class what sociolosis was and why i needed to wear a brace. i guess that was ok. some kids thought it was cool and even asked his parents if he could get one (cute hehe)
but then as u grow up..kids can be mean
i had to wear the brace 24/7. and of course i didn't... elementary was kind of a blur..
but well from gr 6 and on i only wore it after school till when i had to get up the next day to go to school.. but obviously it wasn't enough. THIS IS HARD OKAY? my parents wern't as understanding. in gr 6 i switched schools to a private school (w/ uniforms) well anyways it's hard. please, parents. TRY TO UNDERSTAND waht u'r child is going through. some ppl may be more understanding but it was hard to explain to kids 'why im wearing something hard" if u'r wearing normal clothes it's easier to cover up with sweats and whatever. but having to wear a dress shirt/pants/tie/blazer.. really isn't. the next time u yell at ur kids to please wear their brace to school. just keep in mind that they could be embarrased/scared. some ppl are understanding. but thinking back now it obviously would have been a wise choice to wear it 24/7 but a brace (from neck to hip) isn't an easy thing to hide. pssh and GYM?! oh whateverim just babbling on and on now.
- well i dont have to wear the brace anymore bcuz i stopped growing. and thankfully i dont have to go for surgury.

but parents.. just keep in mind that u'r sending u'r child into a world of judgement. kids can be mean. because of what they don't understand...
yea that's basically it. i know it's not really advice and just more of my depressing life but ehh...