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06-23-2011, 08:21 PM
I posted a bit about myself a month or so ago when I asked a few questions. I'm happy to report that my second surgery was two weeks ago today. I'm feeling fairly good, good enough to start being kind of bored by the restrictions (but still sticking to them religiously.) My curve went from about 58 degrees down to 28 degrees, and I'm 2 1/8 inches taller. (I also lost 6 pounds-- bonus!) I'm excited to see that I have a waist again. As the curve got worse, my waist was so crooked, as well as short, that I haven't been able to wear anything tucked in for several years. I'm still on Vicodin, every four hours, and I am still sleeping about 13-14 hours a day, but still much better than I expected to feel.

My surgeon was Dr. Yu-po Lee at UCSD medical center (he was on the team that did Bill Walton's surgery). I've been very happy with him-- he really encourages questions and listens carefully. He also gives his email address to patients and responds quickly to questions there. After 8 days at UCSD, I was moved to Scripps Encinitas Rehab-- in my own town, and that was outstanding. I was there for four days, and have been home since Saturday. My mom's here, and my college age son, and they're both being very helpful, and haven't gotten sick of waiting on me yet, at least as far as I can tell. That's allowed my husband to spend less time off work taking care of me.

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06-24-2011, 03:18 PM
It sounds like you are doing well. Isn't it nice to have a waist and not have to wear every top not tucked in? Keep us informed of your progress.