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05-02-2011, 02:30 PM
I have used this site a few times and just wanted some advice from anyone with similar experiences. I was due to go to hospital tomorrow for anterior fusion (rib removed, BMP used etc) but have found out today that my surgery has been postponed. I have NF and have associated chari malformation and a syrinx. I have had 2 posterior fusions for scoliosis (4 rods fromT4 into pelvis), decompression surgery for the chari and a shunt inserted when the decompression was unsuccessful. Initially the shunt was working well and it was doing what it should be in terms of the syrinx. The anterior surgery has been cancelled as the syrinx has got 'significantly bigger' and they need to do more scans before I can have the fusion surgery. I don't have any major symptoms from the syrinx but due to the spinal surgery I have had, any pain and symptoms I do have, I tend to put down to my fusion rather than the syrinx. I would like to know what can now be done to solve the problem with the syrinx, considering I have already had decompression surgery and a shunt. Does the syrinx getting bigger just mean the shunt isn't working properly and needs to be revised? Also can anything be done to permanently reduce the size of the syrinx? I am seeing a neuro surgeon later this week so hopefully I'll get some answers then.
Also the anterior fusion I am due to have is because they can not screw the posterior rods into the mid section of my spine as i have scalloped vertebrae there and the vertebrae are a lot narrower than they should be. This means there is too much strain on the top and bottom of the rods and that my spine is unstable in the mid section. The anterior fusion, using rib and BMP, will hopefully strengthen that part of my spine without having rods screwed into it (Hope that makes sense!). My surgeon says this is not very common to do anterior fusion in this way and has had to devise his own way of attaching the rib and BMP to the spine, so i was just wondering if anyone else has had this type of surgery done successfully and how it went. Any advise on recovering from anterior surgery would also be great. Thanks

05-02-2011, 10:58 PM
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