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04-26-2011, 12:03 PM
Hi guys

I know my post/messages after surgery was loopy due to the amount of meds i was on. i was taking a bag full of different pills lol.

Anyway, I am doing much better. I do not have any of the pains I had b4 surgery. However, I am still in pain from the surgery. Right now I have a lot of muscle spasms, pins and needle pain, burning pain on my whole back. I am still on pain meds which help but I do not take them like I should.

I plan on starting aqua thearpy soon. I know it is going to take time to heal but i am ready to feel like myself again euh.


We tried at 3 weeks post-op and that was not a good idea lol. 2 weeks later thing went better and because my pain was not on the same level as b4 I was READY. Hubby was scared to hurt me but I was ok. like some of you said u have to find different ways to "do it" lol.

I am 5'9" now and my stomach did stick out a little after surgery but it's not noticeable. only at the top my ribs.

I am having stomach pains daily which is followed by the need to go (#2). I am not constipated and do not have loose stools. I am happy that I am going every day but the pain eeek. it only lasts mins.

I have been gaining and losing weight. why, sometimes i forget to eat for a day or 2. how, i am not really sure sometimes i don't feel hungry. its weird.

my clothes fit better. my pants used to have a dip in the back (from my mid back to my bottom done my spine) were the waist of the pants meet my back. Its not as deep but I still have it. my shoulders are EVEN. I can look in the mirror and NO HUMP LOL.

I tried to plant some flowers the other day and was in terrible pain for 3 days. not a good idea.

ummm... what else...

I have never had as much water as I consume now. my hubby buys cases of water to keep in the room I want it soo much.

Would I do this again?

Yes, the pain right after surgery and a few weeks after was unbelievable. The pay off which I can see in the distance is worth it.

if u have any questions let me know.

04-26-2011, 12:14 PM
The best advice I can give pre-op people would me to PRAY. I needed more than pain meds to keep my sanity b4 and even more after surgery. I took my rosary and cried myself to sleep sometimes.

This is and will be a struggle but be strong and you will get through it.

04-26-2011, 05:09 PM
Besides praying, I would suggest meditation. I am taking the Jon Kabat-Zinn course for Mindfulness meditation. It helps to reduce stress and dealing with pain. There is a book he wrote called: Full Catastrophe Living. There is another book that might help called: The Relaxation Response by Benson. These are ways to deal with the pain besides tightening up which makes matters worse.

Just some suggestions.

04-26-2011, 05:25 PM
It sounds like you're coming along nicely. . .it's always some days this is better, some days that's worse, in this recovery time. . .but, the mere IDEA that you even THOUGHT to get out there and plant some flowers speaks volumes!!

I'm with you on the prayer thing. . .helps me with all aspects of life, the good and the challenging. Also, both during the run-up to my first surgery and to this day, I have taken comfort in knowing that there were people praying for me. Human support means a lot. Backissues, thanks for the book suggestions. My husband is not at all interested in religion,prayer,etc and chances are there will, at some point, be some physical challenge that will present itself to his body - if we live long enough, most of us don't seem to get through unscathed. I need to learn more about meditation, so that when he needs it, I'll have enough knowledge to be of some help to him (he is not a person who would begin looking into meditation on his own). . .and, of course, it'll probably help me, too - I just don't know what I'm missing. For me, when the acute post-op pain is what it is, I relied on the tricks I learned for L&D - they seem to transfer.

04-26-2011, 07:05 PM
La Shawn--
You're right--it's tough but you did it! Can't imagine trying to plant flowers at 3 months though. Wow. Take time to heal; don't push too much. Glad you are progressing well. Janet

04-26-2011, 08:18 PM
It sounds like you have the roughest days behind you. I am almost 4 months post-op and although it bothers me, I have to walk past a weed or two in our landscaping and just try to "get over it" until my husband can take care of it. I think you're awfully early in your recovery to be working in your garden, but that's just my conservative opinion. Take care of yourself. After going through the surgery, we need to do all we can to protect our spines.