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12-09-2004, 09:24 PM
Hey everyone!

Haven't posted much lately but have been reading the posts at work in between checking kids books in and out. Things are getting pretty hectic. We're driving up to Colorado for Christmas to spend Christmas with our daughter and new husband. Also, the big news, she passed her Colorado bar exam so we'll get to see her being sworn in as a new lawyer! She is one extraoridnary girl! Finishing up law school and doing finals while I was going through my A/P surgery. She took care of me with my husband day and night, planned her wedding, moved to Denver to study for the Colorado bar, took the bar, got married, and now has passed the bar all on one try. She is also finishing up her master's degree in public health. The same week that we found out about her passing the bar we found out that our son (a sophomore in college) was elected president of his fraternity! I have also finally got to start physical therapy. The pool is great! The days that the therapist does manipulations is a killer! I come home and take a muscle relaxer and a pain pill! I had my 8 month check-up this past Monday. The doctor said everything looks great but I may have to have another surgery in a year. I don't technically have flat back because of the way that they fixed me but my balance is still off pitching me forward. That's part of the reason that I still need to use a cane. Starting to get around the house alot more without it though. I also have a lot of muscle atrophy from the severity of the curve and rotation. The doctor is hoping that when the muscles get stronger that I will still continue to straighten up. Hope everyone is feeling fine and looking forward to Christmas! I had to do alot of shopping on the internet unless my husband was home to go shopping to carry my bags for me. I am still losing weight! Lost 3 pounds over Thanksgiving. This has really been an extra plus, buying clothes for myself is so much more enjoyable. Have a very Merry Christmas!

12-10-2004, 01:26 PM
Hi Thersa,

I am planning to have first time surgery on last week of February. Wanted to know if you were told by your doctor that you need more surgery in the begining.

Also can you please share your knowledge of when doctor will say for revision surgery.


12-10-2004, 02:47 PM
Hey Pal,

This possible surgery was not expected at the time we discussed the first surgeries. It has come about because of the first surgery. The doctor said that he wants the fusion to be solid and also enough time to give me a good chance of recovering from the first surgery. I am 8 months post op now and he said about another year. Hope this helps you somewhat.