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Ballet Mom
04-06-2011, 02:23 PM
More info on Dr. Anand and minimally invasive surgery for adult scoliosis.

Q: What are the advantages of performing this combination of three procedures to the traditional open procedure for adult lumbar degenerative scoliosis?

NA: When we published the first article on the results of this procedure, the biggest thing was the decrease in blood loss among the patients we were treating. The elderly patients were able to deal with that better. They were up and walking around faster and able to recover so much better than patients undergoing the open procedure. That was the first thing we saw. As we went along and got more comfortable with the procedure, we were able to treat 70-90 degree curves minimally invasively. We published our 1-3 year results last year with the statistically significant outcomes in every domain. Now we are looking at the 2-4 year results. We've come a long way and are very comfortable doing these types of operations.

The other big advantage is that normally with deformities we put screws in the pelvis to create the solid foundation at the base of the spine for these long constructs. We npw use the AxialLIF minimally invasive screw, to build this foundation and so we have no need to put these long screws in the pelvis. Twenty-five percent of patients with the long pelvic screws come back for revisions because it breaks down. Now we are avoiding those problems. There are a lot of advantages to performing these types of procedures and a lot of people are slowly getting into it.


04-07-2011, 06:56 AM
thanks for that info & link
fascinating to me...
and i think it will be the future for many spinal surgeries...


Ballet Mom
04-08-2011, 11:47 AM
Hi jrnyc,

I was thinking of you when I posted that, I thought you might be interested. :-)

I started looking at the minimally invasive surgery information again because of the thread about the pro-golfer. She has obviously had a minimally-invasive anterior surgery for her scoliosis and seems to be doing great!

From comments on this board, it seemed like minimally-invasive surgery wasn't as good as the open back procedures, but it seems like it actually does quite well from what I can find. I think if my daughter ever needs surgery, I will be heading to a few of these experts in this type of surgery for some consultations.

04-08-2011, 03:50 PM
i found Anand's website very interesting and informative...
i do have trouble watching surgical procedures on video....too much for me to handle
and knowing i need that kind of surgery makes it harder to watch!

i honestly believe the future is in minimally invasive in as many types of surgery, for all parts of the body as is possible....
i know how much easier my ankle surgery was having it done arthroscopically

i just found out i have a medial meniscus tear in left knee...
IF i should need that operated on, i would hope it could be done arthroscopically as well!

i know some people believe scoli surgery with rods involves too much to be able to be done with a minimally invasive approach
but if they are just willing to look at a website like Anand's, they would see how it works...
his patients i talked to were very happy with their results...

i have no vested interest in Dr Anand...he doesn't take my insurance!
i DO have an interest in the MI procedure, though...
so thanks again for the post!