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04-03-2011, 08:56 PM
Stacy Lewis, 26, won her first LPGA tournament today by 3 strokes over the #1 ranked golfer in the world, Yani Tseng. If you go to www.srs.org, there is an interview with Stacy and Dr. Boachie. I don't know if he ws her surgeon or not. She has been the celebrity spokesperson for scoliosis for the past 3 years.
From age 11-18, she wore a brace 18 hours a day and took it off only to play golf. After getting a golf scholarship at Univ. or Arkansas, she had to have surgery and couldn't play golf for a year.
Throughout the entire tournament, they showed her before and after x-rays and talked about the toughness of Stacy which they attributed to her dealing with scoliosis for years. No one expected her to beat Yani Tseng, but she ended up winning by 3 strokes coming from 2 strokes back going into the last day of a 4 day tournament. I am so thankful that I didn't wear a brace during my teenage years, but I know that many of you did. I probably would have become a total introvert. Stacy was interviewed everyday of the tourmanet and was always asked about dealing with scoliosis and how it had made her the tough competitor that she is today.

04-04-2011, 07:08 AM
I love this story!!!!!!!

04-04-2011, 09:28 AM
I am so thankful that I didn't wear a brace during my teenage years, but I know that many of you did. I probably would have become a total introvert. Stacy was interviewed everyday of the tourmanet and was always asked about dealing with scoliosis and how it had made her the tough competitor that she is today.

That's an interesting point.

Actually it would be interesting for the adults here who wore a brace as a kid to talk about how it felt and if they have any lasting psychological effects.

I'm guessing it would be dominated by folks who wore a brace and needed fusion or else they wouldn't be here on the forum. That might or might not reflect the effects of brace wear in the cases that didn't require fusion as an adult.

It also might be interesting to present what is known or thought to be the case about the rate of unecessary brace wear to the folks who didn't go on to need fusion to see if it changes their opinion of their bracing.

04-04-2011, 12:36 PM
Pooka, here is my take on wearing my brace-

I wore my brace from age 15-18 for 23 hours a day. I was only able to take it off at night for a shower and exercises. Trying to sleep SUCKED. (It feels like deja vu right now, with trying to sleep and get comfortable post-op...) I was the shy, brainy type; glasses and braces, the whole geek bit, so it was devastating at first. I was not exactly a hot chick before the brace, now who would want to date a girl in a back brace, too? I found out that the ones who wanted to date me were nice guys, ones who didn't care that I was in a brace. It sure cut through the questions of what a guy really wanted out of me on a date!

I had a friend talk me into trying out for freshman rally squad. Tryouts were in front of a few teachers, and being a brain, I liked the teachers, so I was able to make my way through it. Barely. We made the squad. It was so out of character for me, but it helped me with my shyness. I actually liked it. I tried out the next year (in front of the whole student body) and made varsity. And here is where it gets aggravating. Right after I made it, I was put into my brace. My rally advisor called my mother and told her that I needed to quit, because I didn't have the "right image" anymore. My overprotective mother was furious. I was feeling down enough as it was- how could she tell me to quit! My mom went to the principal and the advisor backed down. These days, that teacher would have been in a lot of trouble.... So, long story short, I stayed on the squad. I think I was an inspiration for the other girls in braces, showing what a person can overcome. Some of the girls just quit doing everything and were feeling sorry for themselves.

I also ran track in the spring. I remember bruises, lots of aches, and raw spots from the brace rubbing and putting pressure on me.... (Did anyone else use Ampubalm, a balm to toughen skin for amputees?) But I was determined to keep on living. I guess I may have been shy, but I was showing signs of stubbornness even back then!

Back to the original question Pooka asked about how it affected me... I think it made me stronger. I learned to accept that sometimes bad things happen and you have to just figure out a way to deal with it. And to look at the bright side, and appreciate the lessons I learned. I became much more active, which I truly believed helped me to postpone surgery for a lot of years. I was strong. I really believe that my scoliosis would have progressed much more rapidly during the teen years if I hadn't have worn the brace. It did during the period that they just monitored me before putting me in the brace. So I started out adulthood with less curvature than I think I would have had. Then I kept active and strong from then on, further postponing it. If I hadn't have worn that brace, I think I would have progressed and had surgery while young, with Harrington rods. Sure glad I waited...
I also would still be a more introverted person than I am now. I am not shy anymore. I surprise even myself with some of the things I get myself into nowadays! It really brought me "out of my shell". Both the figurative one and the literal one!! I would not wish it on anyone, but I do feel it made me who I am, in a lot of ways. I wasn't going to let scoliosis stop me from doing anything!!!

04-04-2011, 02:22 PM
Jenee' that's a great testimonial. Thanks for writing it.


04-04-2011, 02:54 PM
Would you want to start a thread asking about the psychological effects, if any, of wearing a brace during teenage years? I am afraid that many will miss your post otherwise and I would really be interested in reading the replies. I also wonder if many who wore a brace and then later had a fast progressing curve and needed surgery felt that it made little difference in the outcome. I can't imagine wearing one for 7 1/2 years like Stacy Lewis, but she is definitely a fighter on the golf course now. Maybe it makes you who you are in some cases.

04-04-2011, 05:37 PM
Yes, that would be a good thread....

and Yes, great story, Jenee'...hope you are still coming along well.

Another of the many reasons I've appreciated this forum: I was never braced and always wished I had been until I read forum posts, as I had the erroneous impression that it would have taken care of the scoli at an early age. A friend noticed my curvature in a dance class when I was 15ish and it wasn't named until about age 18 by a doc observing a lung x-ray. I felt a bit ruffled that my family wasn't taking my "weird back" claims a little more seriously and now it was too late. I've read so much of the controversy on this forum about bracing- I wish it could be determined that it was effective or not into the adult years. I missed that boat but may not have changed my destiny anyway. I do have to agree with Jenee' that devotion to fitness was helpful in managing this condition. But that is just conjecture on my part- we don't seem to know yet if our curves are pre-ordained or subject to outside influences. I can't wait until we know that one.

04-04-2011, 09:20 PM
Thanks for posting Karen....I was following her on Saturday but lost track on Sunday and didn't realize she had won....there is hope for us yet!!!

As for wearing a brace, I wore one for 2 years and it was AWEFULL...I was already a shy geeky kid and the brace made it even harder and pushed me into a shell that I didn't get out of until my 20's. That was my choice and I could have handled it better, live and learn I guess.


04-29-2012, 09:24 PM
Stacy Lewis won her second professional golf tournament today. I love to see scoliosis people succeed at anything they attempt. She is certainly a tough competitor. I followed her in a tournament last summer in Springfield and would have loved to have had the opportunity to talk to her.

04-29-2012, 09:46 PM
Karen, the article said her surgeon "saved" a level or two....
do you know where i could find her X rays that are supposed to be view-able online....?
i am assuming she is fused above the L4 level...
the article mentioned they wanted to be sure to preserve her mobility needed for her
golf swing....
any pix you could direct me to would be appreciated....

jess..& Sparky

04-30-2012, 12:06 AM

Here you go. Scroll down.


04-30-2012, 04:40 PM
We see Stacey regularly in Australia and she gets the same routine here. I wonder if she gets tired of the scoliosis angle. She's certainly become a pin up girl for scoliosis surgery. Good on her!

04-30-2012, 05:30 PM
thanks, Karen
ineresting that he adjusted the surgery to help not interfere with her
golf swing...it is good thoracic correctiopn only was required...
i am amazed that you can play gold with fusion to sacrum....
absolutely amazed that you can swing the club...and happy for you!


04-30-2012, 06:54 PM
I am playing better than I expected, although I don't hit the ball quite as far with most clubs as I did before surgery. I hope that will improve as I play more. Have you watched the video in my signature? It was taken the first day I played golf after my surgery. You can turn when fused to the sacrum . . . it's just more of a one piece turn instead of twisting.

04-30-2012, 08:10 PM

Thanks for updating this thread. I especially enjoyed reading the article to which Ed posted the link. I really liked her perspective towards playing golf after having to watch others practice for months during her recovery period. Although I am not a golfer myself, I can relate to the change in perspective following surgery. Recently, I have been watching our tennis players playing in our local league and telling others that maybe 2013 I could return to league play. It is inspiring to read success stories like this young golfer and even your own return to playing golf again. Thanks again!


05-03-2012, 07:47 PM
If your surgeon doesn't advice against it, you should be able to return to tennis. I am still working hard to try to return to my former level of play (golfing), and hope that it will come eventually. Meanwhile, I'm happy to be playing again after missing over a year of golf outings and the social aspects of them. I just played in a 4-person scramble today and my team beat all but 3 teams out of 36 (mostly men), so it was fun!