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03-15-2011, 01:47 PM
I had two surgeries in Sept. 2004 at Emory in Atlanta. Once I recovered from the pain of surgery, I noticed pain in my right side. My surgeon said it was a suture that did not disolve. Last year the doctor actually made a small incision and removed the suture. For awhile it seemed better, but now the pain is back. It's a burning, nagging sort of pain. Not sure what to do. I can get relief by lying down for awhile. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Also, I have moved to New Mexico and am due for a checkup in December of 2013. I would like to find a doctor closer to home for the checkup. Thanks in advance.

03-22-2011, 12:00 AM
I had spinal fusion with instrumentation t-2 to t-11 Nov 10, 2010. I started healing well, pain was getting better and I felt pretty good. Dec 27th 2010 I started having stinging pain and a lump appeared there near the incision. It was hard and pointy. Dr said wait it will go away. Never did. Finally removed per my request after 7 weeks 2/8/11. It was an undisloved knotted suture I was told. I asked what kind and the Dr's PA said it was a PDS suture. I looked at my Nov 10 2010 surgery report and there was no PDS suture mentioned/used.
Before the Nov 10, 2010 surgery I was told Vicryl sutures would not be used due my having a possible allergy to them, yet my post operative report done by the surgeon specifically said running Vicryl sutures were used in a couple areas.No mention of PDS suture. When I asked Dr's PA about this and why Vicryl sutures were used when I had a possible allergy to them and was told the Dr wouldnt be using them, she said no Vicryll sutures were used. I begged to differ because I was looking at the surgery report. She asked where I got it, and then said that part of the report had been changed after the surgery, because that was an error, and that it was PDS suture used. The 2/8/11 report said I had an allergy to Vicryls and now possible PDS, and so the incision was closed this time with staples. Now at 4 1/2 months post op I have severe stinging pain inside where there is another ( smaller) lump. The lump is causing very severe intense pain deep inside that goes into my chest wall, pings and jab, feels like a heart attack sometimes. The whole side of the incision on my upper back where the lump is stings inside and out and burns inside. It feels like a knife or razor cutting me inside where the lump is. Now recently the other side of the inscision upper back feels the same and is very painful inside. I have gotten so I cant lay on my back at all, and its painful to lay on my sides. I wont go back to my regular surgeon now, I completely have lost my trust in him. I saw another Dr at the U of M who said IF it is a suture ( he said it didnt show a suture that he could see on the Cat Scan that day ) he would not remove it, as it would just cause me unessarry pain, and that I should go BACK to my 1st surgeon who did the surgery. I dont think Ive helped at all with your question, but there is such a thing as an allergy to the sures and it is very very painful. I believe it causes other things in our bodies as well, as I also got a sudden onset of terrible inflamatory arthritis since the 1st suture lump appeared and fluid sacs on my elbows..