View Full Version : Anyone else have suture reaction and removal of sutures after surgery ?

02-19-2011, 12:36 PM
I had a reaction and non absorption of a suture Feb 8th, 13 weeks after my spine fusion surgery T-2 to T-11 . It had formed a hard pointy lump protruding from my back next to my incision. I wonder if there are more non absorbed sutures left inside because I still have alot of pain and because they used "running" sutures. I cant get information I can rely on from my surgeon. It appears even though they received a report regarding it, they accidently used a type of suture I had previously had a reaction to years ago. Anyone else have a reaction to a suture like this? I still have so much pain since they removed this one.. I also developed very severe rheumatoid arthritis after the lump 1st appeared from the suture.. ((((