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02-12-2011, 12:05 PM
Hey, I'm 18 and I was lookin into getting a heavy bag to punch on at home. I go to the gym regularly and the free-motion exercises/weights have helped tremendously. My dad's a little apprehensive (by which i mean not allowing me to get one) about the idea of a heavy bag because he's worried about the spinal rotations involved in boxing. I just want a good cardio exercise that i can do at home but i wanna work my upper body at the same time. He suggested biking, but that can be a pain on your shoulders/back after hours of riding. Also he mentioned swimming, but I dont wanna have to drive miles to the gym to swim. I want something I can do at home, and I can get a bag and gloves for around $100. What do you think about his input? any alternatives?

02-12-2011, 12:36 PM
What do you think about his input?

Does you father have any training whatsoever in PT for scoliosis? If not then his opinion on what PT is good or bad is not based in reality.

Torso rotation has been studied as a way to prevent progression in kids with scoliosis. This was the subject of at least one doctoral dissertation. That would be an example of an opinion based in reality.

The Schroth types claim all torso rotations should be avoided but they don't ground that in evidence so it's just nonsense at this point.

Reality... more than just a good idea... the only game in town.

Good luck with the bag work.

02-12-2011, 01:36 PM
Just my own personal opinion, but I think boxing works the body very differently than the controlled motion of torso rotation exercises. From what I've heard that bag is heavy and it can come back at you. I can see how an injury, especially when you're already dealing with scoliosis, could be possible. But it is a good workout. What if you suggest to your dad that you first take a boxing class with a trainer to be sure you're doing everything safely, and if all goes well then continue your training at home.

02-12-2011, 01:45 PM
This following comment is NOT in reference to Mehera's or anything she has every said. It is in reference to all the "geniuses" out there who claim to know things through magick means.

I just don't get how people who know they have not one lick of training think they can just "get a vibe" for whether or not some type of treatment is good or bad.

It's the same type of thing with all the family members of pre-op surgical patients telling them surgery is a bad idea. That's as against the advice of one or more experienced orthopedic surgeons.

At some point all you can do is grab some popcorn.

Evidence is the only way of knowing a damn thing. Getting a vibe or having an intuition or receiving a revelation are ways of pretending to know.