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11-29-2004, 08:28 PM
Evening folks,

It will be 4 weeks Thursday and I'm up about and doing my best to get back into shape. I'm almost totally off the narcotics, take a percoset about every other day, for pain, usually the result of trying to do to much. Friday had a teeth cleaning appointment, got my hair done, and stopped at the supermarket for a couple of items. TOO MUCH TOO SOON! Will certainly pace myself better from now on. I think I'm feeling well considering the length of time since surgery, length of surgery (15 hours), and the extensive repair work that was done.

Was confronted with some serious depression a couple of times over the weekend. But with meditation, and an incredible loving and supportive family, it passed. Also, from what I have read and heard it is something to expect so I was somewhat prepared. I was such an independent person before my surgery, so I imagine having to rely on others seriously injured my ego and dignity.

Had a phone consult today with my surgeons office which greatly uplifted my spirits. Until now I wasn't allowed to get out of bed without my brace. So I have been sleeping in it most of the night, but he gave me the go ahead at four weeks to get up to use the bathroom (which is very close to my bed) at night without it. He is also allowing me to sit up on the edge of the bed and learn to put it on myself. (Wish me luck Sue, you gave me some pretty good instructions.....:>) Also~~ some of you may not believe this but I have been sleeping only on my back for 4 weeks, because I wasn't sure it was safe to turn over. Guess I was a bit too cautious, but now that I know I'm allowed to sleep on my sides, I'm sure everyone will see a big change in my attitude. I layed awake at least half of most nights because I was so uncomfortable. So I really suggest if anyone is in doubt call the doctors office and ask, don't suffer like I have. So, that's my update for week 4. Am looking forward to sharing a 6 month update ( guess I'm not the most patient patient either......:>) Thanks for sharing~

11-30-2004, 07:56 AM
hi there, gayle! wow...you are doing a lot more at 4 weeks than i was. i think i didn't make it to the hair salon until 6 weeks. what an experience that was...all those kids in black with all their piercings, and me hobbling along on my walker! it was too funny to get depressed about! :) i'm going to go get my brace adjusted tomorrow...i have places under my left arm and on my back that hurt even when i'm out of my brace, so if your brace starts to bother you let your doctor know...you don't have to put up with that! later...

11-30-2004, 11:31 AM
Congratulations! You are a real trouper and an inspiration as I will be having my surgery next year. Up and around so fast is a big relief to me. Because of my breathing problems the surgeon said they would not be able to brace me. The surgery mainly involves the thoracic region of my back. My surgeon did recommend a bed and I bit the bullet and bought it. What a difference. I was in constant pain and was on pain meds. Now the pain has greatly reduced and I take ultram if I need anything instead of a narcotic. Of course I do daily yoga and walking but what a relief. The bed is the SleepNumber System by Select Comfort. I bought the special pillows also. It is not a cheep system but the results are amazing.