View Full Version : polio survivor-new problems at mid-age

11-29-2004, 02:10 PM
Having had polio as an infant, I thought I could pretty well predict how I was doing as an adult. However, in recent years (since reaching middle age), I've had the devastating surprise of having my legs weaken and having my life-long scoliosis progress. Believing I was stable in both strength and scoliosis, this has been very upsetting and I feel like I'm dealing with a whole new disease (let's call it mid-life post-polio).

I do not want to consider surgery since my legs are quite weak and I cannot rely on using them to relieve my back post-surgery. Additionally, I am concerned with not being able to bend after fusion.

I'm looking for any suggestions people may have to help with progression.

I live in Manhattan and would like to set up an adult support group. Anyone interested?

11-29-2004, 02:46 PM
Hi Jeanne...

There is already a scoliosis support group in Manhattan. For information, contact Jerilyn Jordan at 212-628-6267 or jjordano @ chsd.org (don't include the spaces).

Also, I saw your other post about braces. There are braces made for adults. If you're absolutely sure that surgery will never be an option for you, then a brace might help you minimize your pain. Unfortunately, once you start wearing a brace as an adult, your abdominal muscles may atrophy, making it difficult for you to stand without the brace. Anyway, here are links for two braces that might be of interest: