View Full Version : Does anyone have any great "success story" with truly severe scoliosis revision surge

11-22-2004, 05:07 AM
I'm still looking for a few people if anyone that has any truly "great success stories" with severe scoliosis revision surgery. If you look at the web sites of some of these scoliosis surgeon's the before and after x-rays of their patients lead you to believe that they have made tremendous progress in the last 30 years, however, I have not heard any one tell me any truly good news with their personal experience. I myself have had a multitude of surgical procedures since I was 14 years old, I am now 49. First there was the Milwaukee back brace for about five years, then my first scoliosis fusion in Atlanta Georgia, then the Twin cities scoliosis Center in Minneapolis in 1972 more halo traction and a halo body cast, one year of complete bed rest. Fused using two Harrington rods always supposed to to have been stabilized from 136 to 78. My entire life has been challenged by this constant interruptions A MAJOR scoliosis surgeries.. Plus unfortunately finding physicians say one thing they do another when things get difficult. Not complaining as much as confused as to why there is not more strict guidelines to help find a scoliosis revision surgeon's actually do take on the complex, difficult cases and stay with the patient in a comprehensive follow-up. Anyway, I sure would like to hear some success stories... Thank you all... Frankie

11-26-2004, 04:45 PM
I too am trying to find this exotic creature. HaHa. It seems as if the doctors that do scoliosis surgery have a problem with the adults. I was in South Florida a few years back and I inquired about the surgery being corrected and revised to my surgeon that did the surgery when I was 16. I was told he doesnt (DO) the surgery on adults. So I then explained I was a former patient and she said he will only do it if it isnt from an injury. So I asked if they knew someone and she said no and good luck.

I will say this I dont think they are as willing to do it for adults because we are more rigid and it is harder to move the spine over and align it. I had a friend and trusted doctor that did orthopaedic surgery tell me that himself. He does not do scoliosis but has worked through University of Miami.

I did not give up I did find 1 surgeon. He told me to get on S.S.D. and when Medicare kicks in he would do it. I laughed. So I had an idea when I moved to try after the Medicare and it worked. Funny how money is a motivator for these doctors. So now I found one that suprisingly takes all insurance and is great. I am not happy with his nurses that work for him, and that is causing me a little trouble. I will keep everyone who is interested informed on the outcome of the surgery perhaps in February when it takes place.

I think we take for granted that doctors all now what they are doing, so we question very little on there abilities when we find just one that is willing to see us and do the surgery. My advice is to get opinions and you have come to the right place for that. So on that note good luck.