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11-23-2010, 09:19 PM
Just wanted to drop a quick line. I started back to work this week (desk job) on my 6 wk. anniversary. So far so good. Dr. said maybe to start with half days if I felt like it and work my way up and my boss has been super. I have worked 2 days now and I actually think that it is easier than being home with my 6 year old and 16 mo old. I try to get up and move around quite often and really haven't had any pain to speak of. By evening getting both my girls thru supper, bathtime, homework, and bedtime I am beat but I have been trying to keep myself calm and just do what I can and remember to ask for help with them when I need it (not my strong suit).
My husband has been working a lot and not home much so I have been doing pretty much everything. I had to take a vicodin in the evening both days but I really think that I could have gotten thru without it, I just didn't want to be in so deep with pain that I was miserable and I knew that I was pushing myself. I also didn't want to be super crabby with the girls which is what I do when I'm hurting.
I fell this morning on black ice (or whatever you call invisible ice) on my front porch steps. I went down hard on my left lower outer back (right where that little back fat is). I felt so stupid, I have never fallen like that in my life. It scared me SO bad. My fusion was t1 thru l2 or something like that and my incision is well above point of impact but I am calling the doctor in the morning to make sure that I don't need to get x-rays or anything. (only sheer denial and fear kept me from calling today). My only pain is the spot where I hit and I only skidded down 2 steps (and boy, does it HURT). When I stopped, I was sitting with my elbow resting on the one of the upper steps and my butt on the bottom step with my feet on the sidewalk. My whole body was in alignment as far as I could tell. I think if I had to pick a way to fall, that was probably a good landing, but would rather not have to worry about landings.
The girls continue to amaze me with the way that they have adapted in helping me and ability of my 16 mo old (30 lbs) to climb up without me having to pick her up. We got a booster seat with a 5 point harness and LATCH for my SUV so that it sets lower in the seat and then I got a 2 step stool that folds flat that I pull out, open and help her up into the car, from there she can climb up into that seat and I just buckle her in. We look really strange to see, I am sure, but hey, we have figured it out! We have step stools EVERYWHERE in the house and she just climbs up in the booster seat at the table and up onto one to get in the tub, where sissy helps her ease in onto her lap. Now, bear in mind, this all depends on miss princess' mood that day. It has been very frustrating some days where she has decided to pitch a good one and not cooperate. I just have to stand there until she recovers and then we try again. She seems to be getting the hang of it pretty good now though.
I am back to doing all the bookwork for our business that we run also. My energy level has seemed almost back to normal with the exception that I have awful sinus drainage that is starting to take a toll on me. Went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds so hopefully that will slow down.
I have been educating the docs at our hometown hospital. They didn't realize the level of correction available to adults and are amazed when I explain the hardware (as best as I can) and fusion.

11-23-2010, 09:34 PM
Hi Heidi! So glad to hear you are doing well and recovering! I can't imagine having two little ones to look after along with everything else, thank God for grace :) Do you still have numbness, burning or tingling? Do you find it difficult to sit and is it hard to get up and down a lot? I too have a desk job but am up and down seems like every 15 mins so I wondered how it would be after the fact. Also, do you have any before and after pics? I recently posted my 'before's' - kinda scary to look at as I really never look at my back as I try not to focus on it. I looked at the pictures and thought oh wow I look deformed...no wonder I have such pain :rolleyes:

11-23-2010, 09:50 PM
When I look back to what I was doing at 6 weeks (sleeping, eating, walking,) I realise how very lucky I was. Take care Heidi, you're scaring me.:eek:

11-23-2010, 09:56 PM
LaurieAnne, Yes, I still have numbness in areas, not so much tingling unless touched. It has gotten better each week. At first I couldn't hardly stand my shirts touching it but I found that constant touching (tanktops and closer fitting) was better than looser shirts that touched and moved around. I wore no bra for a while, then sports bras, then regular. It almost made me nauseous at first when something touched my incision, not from pain but just really weird feelings, numbness but tingling, its really hard to explain.
As far as the desk job. I work in the middle of a Pediatric unit in a hospital so I am also up and down but that is good for me as I don't get so stiff. sitting is harder than standing and walking. I am horrible about pictures. I need to work on getting them done, sorry. I can tell you that everyone who sees me says how thin I am! Ha they just stretched me out! I haven't lost weight but am very pleased with the cosmetic part of it so far. I'll never be perfect but no longer have to "disguise" myself. I work with nurses too so I have had to show my back to lots of co-workers. I can sit back in my chair without my hump making me turn sideways and I don't feel that pain that I had before when I had been up for a while. Hey, we have the same doc. PM if you have questions anytime.