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11-18-2010, 02:00 PM
Does anyone know if there is a relationship between idiopathic scoliosis and Raynauds Syndrome/Phenomenon. Several of my friends with scoliosis have this condition as well, and I am beginning to develop it myself.

Any information will be appreciated.

11-18-2010, 04:27 PM
According to Dr. Alain Moreau scoliosis is associated with an increase in the level of Osteopontin circulating in the blood. (Interview (http://www.scoliosis.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10705))

Interestingly enough a variety of autoimmune diseases and cancers are also associated with an increase in the level of Osteopontin. I don't know if any studies exist that indicate whether autoimmune disease is higher in adults with Scoliosis.

Until that research is conducted you might find this article interesting.

Molecule Linked To Autoimmune Disease Relapses Identified At Stanford (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/58159.php)

Through the mouse studies and molecular characterizations, Hur and Steinman showed that osteopontin - produced by immune cells and brain cells themselves - promotes the survival of the T cells that carry out the damaging attack on myelin; by increasing the number of these T cells, osteopontin increases their destructive potential. These results could be applicable to many other autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, type-1 diabetes and lupus.

If you have an autoimmune disease the number one treatment you should be aware of is calorie restriction (http://www.anti-aging-guide.com/32rheumatoid.php). It may not be pleasant but it appears to be a safe and effective way to treat autoimmune disease. Low energy diets also offer many other health benefits.

The Curious Case Of Caloric Restriction (http://pubs.acs.org/cen/science/87/8731sci2.html)

11-19-2010, 07:03 AM
Thanks Dingo, very interesting. I've had psoriasis as a child (autoimmune) and some allergies, but not RA, Lupus, MS or any of the biggies. I will do a bit more digging for information.