View Full Version : reducing medication prior to surgery/methadone

11-17-2004, 01:56 PM
Has anyone gone into a large surgery on methadone?
I am very worried that I will not get much pain relief at all due to the fact that I now take methadone, and the methadone doesn't relieve the pain I am in now.

I was not on triplicate medication prior to the first revision. I was not on much medication at all. I was also exercising daily to ready myself for surgery.

I can't 'just get off of' methadone now. I am sick on it, and very sick without it. I have been on it a year, and began it six months after the failed revsion took place.

During the revision, I was on some type of IV morphine for 11 days. This is not uncommon. But, I did go through withdrawals after the IV was removed (I hate being on IV morphine...I can't sleep on it). I was awake all of those 11 days...I never slept.
I believe I went through a second withdrawal at home over the first month after revision. It was horrible. It was large scale panic attacks, nervousness, other issues, and with that I was in the severe revision pain, and I had horrible GI problems. Six months later I went through withdrawal from the low doses of MS contin. That is when I went to methadone. I am still on it. I have not increased my doses in the last six months.

So, has anyone gone into a large surgery on methadone? I had already had trouble with withdrawal from the heavy pain medications when I was not on triplicates. Now, I am very worried about this issue of significant pain medication prior to another large scale revision.