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09-19-2010, 10:32 AM

Mumbai: A leading Canada-based orthopaedic surgeon has developed a state-of-the-art technology, using sound waves, which he claims is an effective non-invasive and painless treatment for spinal ailments including injuries and postural abnormalities.

"The treatment helps in gentle repositioning of vertebrae, functional restoration of the central nervous system and cellular bio synthesis which is responsible for restoring and regenerating worn or damaged disks. Following this treatment, muscles, blood vessels and neural communication are stimulated and cellular bio synthesis is triggered, initiating the body's self-healing process," said Dr Aslam Khan, Founder, Chairman and CEO of KKT International Centre for Spine, which opened its first centre here recently.

Called as the Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT), the new technology, the Indian-origin doctor says, allows people with spine injuries due to accidents, sports injuries, sudden falls, repetitive activity-related injuries, postural abnormalities, stress, genetic pre-disposition to reduce or completely eliminate their pain and return to their active and standard lifestyle.

Forty-six-year-old Khan who developed the KKT technology after 20 years of research, told PTI in a communication from Canada that the treatment is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, evidence-based medical treatment designed to easily and painlessly re-align the spine.

"The special technology device for the treatment has been approved by the USFDA. It focuses on treating the core issues associated with spine related conditions by utilising unique signature sound frequencies to address core spinal distortions and disturbances specific to the patient," he said.

KKT has been proven to aid in neck pain, back pain and has been a key factor in lowering as well as discontinuing the use of pain medication. It has been documented to move the spine back to normal. Besides, KKT has also shown to trigger bio synthesis (regeneration) in the vertebral disc, he said.

KKT already has seven centres across the world in countries like Canada, UAE (2), Germany (4), Taiwan and China (2) with more than 200,000 treatments delivered till date across the world.

According to Khan the prevalence of epidemic in spinal related conditions is high and is often overlooked due to the lack of proper diagnostic and assessment tools.

"Here at KKT we consider it a part of our mandate to provide every single person the opportunity of a thorough spinal assessment. Proper clinical management through KKT allows us to correct those conditions where surgery may not have been the solution," he said.

"The treatment corrects the bio mechanical axis of the spine, by use of sound waves which are focused on a specific area of the beginning of spine. These sound waves resonate down resulting in gentle repositioning of the vertebrae."

"The KKT treatment program is designed for each individual's specific profile after a range of pre-treatment diagnostic assessment to facilitate the healing process and to guide patients through stages of KKT care," Khan added.

"A comprehensive treatment of 20 visits has significant impact on physical health by reducing or eliminating pain, promoting tissue regeneration to remedy narrowing and loss of normal disk height, arresting bone degeneration that lead to osteophytes or bone spurs, repairing and strengthening tendons and ligaments, enhancing coordination, increasing range of motion and improving posture," Orthopaedic Dr Nishad Telang of the Mumbai Centre said.

09-20-2010, 12:35 AM
I'm pretty sure he's a chiropractor and not an orthopedic surgeon.


09-20-2010, 05:16 AM
I can't find any evidence of an orthopedic surgeon from Canada with that name. So hdugger probably found the guilty party.

This one needs to be listed on Quackwatch based on the claims that go beyond neck pain but also maybe including those.

Chiros need to stop dabbling in medicine.

09-20-2010, 06:18 AM
It is intended for use in chiro clinics.. draw the appropriate conclusions...


See letter from FDA at bottom. It is approved to be marketed because it is substantially the same as other devices already approved. So not unique.

The Khan thing in on this list of substantially equivalent devices... there are dozens and dozens of them...


I think most of chiro will eventually be shown to be just multilevel marketing.