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11-04-2004, 04:52 PM
hi everyone. just wanted to give you an update on my doctor visit today.

I went to my orthopedist today at around 10am. My mom and i gave her my x-rays from back in July and she told me that i'm on the borderline from having surgery (curve is over 30 but not quite 40). That was a little distressing. I even started to cry right there in the doctor's office. Picture it, me with my head on her shoulder bawling my eyes out, and she's rubbing my head saying "it's ok sweetie. don't you worry". sad picture isn't it?

Anyway, she gave us a couple numbers to some scoliosis specialists(we live in Ohio) and my mom is going to call them sometime next week to see what they'll do.

Keep fightin' y'all!

11-04-2004, 06:04 PM
Hi Ginny,

I am so sorry to hear that! Yes that is a sad picture. You are not the only one who cried right in the doctors office. When I figured out that I had a fifty degree curve, I started bawling my eyes out right in front of my doctor. Like your doctor all he said to me was " It's okay sweetie I don't know why you are crying everything is going to be okay" He said while patting my knee. Isn't it so easy for them to say this. They aren't the ones who need surgery or have to wear a brace! Knowing surgery was the next step that is what I expected him to say but I when he told me to calm down that wasn't possible so I got a brace. I cried right until I was getting fitted for the brace! That was about 45 minutes in total. Well weird enough when I told him I had had enough of the brace and wanted surgery I was smiling the whole time. Probably because he was telling me funny things expecting me to cry about it again. Not going to happen this time I thought! Although waiting to see him was very nerveracking because I knew what I was going to say to him. I wanted surgery. My voice cracked a few times when I was waiting and I got that tightening in my throat that I was going to cry but I held it back. Anyways enugh of my babbling. I was so sorry to hear that . I will be thinking of you and will pray that you do not need surgery. Hope to hear from you!