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07-08-2010, 09:06 PM
I tried to lay on my back on the floor last night to see if I was ready for mat pilates. I do pilates on the reformer, which doesn't bother my back. It was very uncomfortable and certainly not flat. Is this something that might go away given more time? I am 17 months from my surgery. I watched a show on surfing tonight and really wish I had tried surfing because it is out of the question now. Walking still doesn't come that easy so I don't picture myself swaying too and fro on a surf board.
Anyway, I am curious if others with fusions in the thoracic region can lay flat on a hard surface?

07-08-2010, 09:13 PM
I can but it's not very comfortable. It's getting slightly better though. Where do you do the pilates reformer? My gym has one but it's a separate deal that costs $60 a session. Does it work well for you? Janet

07-08-2010, 09:25 PM
really wish I had tried surfing because it is out of the question now.

I LOVE this line of thought. Puts it all into perspective for me.

I want to start a thread called, "I wish I had..." :D


I wish I had --
gone rock climbing
tried to make it as a belly dancer
done wind-surfing
tried parasailing..

And - why not? - surfing too!

More than a few times riding as a passenger on a motor-cycle would have been good too (but lately I've gotten back in touch with the lad who took me - he's about to have radical surgery too, of a different kind. He loved reminiscing with me!

As for bungee jumping and parachuting, don't care for them anyhow, not even in imagination.
Other than this, I'm OK with the limits I have ahead of me. :cool: (I assume once I'm fused, I can still go out even in a fairly decent surf, can't I?)


dolores a
07-09-2010, 06:06 PM
Hi Avis, I just went into my livingroom and laid down on my harwood floor to see, yikes! did not like it all -- hurts the middle of my back and the hip area.

07-12-2010, 08:56 AM
Hi Avis

I'm at 11 months post surgery. About two months ago I started pilates and have no difficulty with the reformer or cadillac. However, my pilates instructor gave me some mat exercises to do while I'm on vacation (I'll be back home tomorrow). It is very uncomfortable for me to do these floor exercises even on a plush rug. However, where there is a will, there is a way as someone said. I have found that my egg crate mattress topper (single bed size) works well as a pilates floor mat. It's not totally comfortable but allows me to do my exercises. Hope that helps.