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07-07-2010, 06:55 PM
I'm Kara I be happy to tell you my story about my spinal fusion
I had my spinal fusion almost 4 months ago at UCDMC. I had my spinal fusion during the last part of my 12th grade year. My preop was the day before my spinal fusion at the UCDSC with Dr Gupta he my spine surgeon at UCDMC. On march 9 2010 me and my parents went to UCDSC for my preop appt with Dr Gupta. We check in at the nurses desk. Then a nurse called my name Kara. we follow with to get my vital done. my
BP was really high because i was scared. We followed him to a room that said gupta. a little while later a orthopedic resident came in to the room. he said i'm Dr Tom. He examied me he said you may not like me because i will becoming in at 5 A.M and changeing ou bandaids. he said it look like your 18 Kara you get to sign the consent forms. he said i be right back Kara. then a copple mins later the door was knock on it was Dr Gupta and Dr Tom. Good morning Dr Gupta said. are you really for tomorrow Kara he said. I said yes i'm ready for tommorrow Dr Gupta. Dr Tom was started to feel sad for me. Dr Gupta explain the surgery to me and my parents. He also examied me. He said i need you to get some now x-rays Kara. we went to go get the x-rays done. after that me and my patent went to the ACC for my Lab work. I had my preop testing the day beefore my surgery.
on march 10 2010 i had to get up at 5 A.M to get my shower. after my shower i got just in my sweats i wear over to the hospital. I check in at 6 A.M at the hospital. A nurse called my name Kara me and my mom followed her to my preop holding room. that where i had to change in to a gown. after i was in my hospital gown i got on to my bed. my mom went to get my dad, grandma, aunt. I had pic taken with my mom, also one with my dad and grandma, also one with my grandma and aunt. At 10 A.M I went to the 2nd floor (surgical floor). my mom came with me. i saw Dr Gupta in his scrubs and surgical hat (my spine surgeon). for some reason he had his hands on my feet. he asked my are you ready for your spinal fusion I said yes. he said that really great Kara. after that he went to scrub in. i also met my sleepy Dr and nureo Dr. My surgery took a total of 8 hours it started at 10 A.M end at 6 P.M. my surgeon came out and talked to my family and said Kara's surgery went really well. the day after surgery i was mainy sleepy. the 2nd day i was fully awake. the 3rd day they move me to the 14 floor (orthopedic unit). the 4th day i walked with pt later that day i went to get some x-rays for Dr Gupta. the 5th day i walked with pt again. the 6th day i walked agang with pt. the 7th day i went to get to standing x-rays for Dr Gupta. after i came back from x-ray i saw Dr Gupta for the 1st time shine my spinal fusion. he the most gentle preson i have ever met. i out for 6 weeks off school. my surgeon said he did not went me to go back to school until he saw me on the 20 of april. but i got really sick after i was release for the hospital so i had to go to the uvmc ER. they said i had a infecian. but a copple of my stiches were infeced. i had to go back on march 30 2010. Dr Gupta said i probley did had sucer abseces. i had to go back on june 8 2010 for a post op appt this time i did not have the walker. we check in at the nurses desk a nurse called my name kara we followed her to get my vitals done then we followed her to a room that said Gupta a little while later i Saw Dr Luna I don't remember what he said. then dr Tseng came in to the room she examied me to
then she when to go find Dr Gupta
Then Dr Gupta and Dr Tseng came in to the room Dr Gupta was conernd i chould tell about my fall
He also examied me he had me do some of the same things like my last appt like bend over
and some new things like walking on my heels and tip toes. now i'm going to see a two orthopedic surgeons at uc davis the same one for my spine and one for my foot both of them work at uc davis medical center i still see Dr Gupta for my spine i see him on 9/7/10

07-07-2010, 07:56 PM
Hi, Kara,

Thanks for sharing your experience. What's your corrections now? Did you regain high?

07-07-2010, 08:03 PM
i'm not sure what my post surgery cuvres are
i'm still the same hight i was before surgery

07-08-2010, 11:39 AM
Thanks for sharing your experiance.
What's wrong with your foot?

07-08-2010, 05:01 PM
i have congenital vertical talus and also scoliosis