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07-06-2010, 09:35 AM
In 2003 Dr. Hans Weiss wrote the above article with the editorial assistance of Martha Hawes. It was published in Pediatric Rehabilitation, 2003, VOL. 6, NO. 3–4, 183–194.

The file is too large to upload to the NSF forum, and yet it is an article which contains information that those of us interested in non surgical rehabilitation would find most interesting.

For those not familiar with his work, for decades he oversaw the operations of the Schroth Clinic in Germany, which is the gold standard of non surgical treatment in Europe. In the last decade, a reported 3,000 patients (approximate) have been treated there on a yearly basis, with varying degrees of success - many with most impressive results. This makes Dr. Weiss (MD (surgeon) and German School Chiropractor), someone who has seen and treated more scoliosis patients than anyone else in the world. Making him someone I pay attention to, with no exception.

There are answers to many questions in this paper. Of note also, Dr. Martha Hawes (who reduced her adult curvatures through non surgical methods, on a level matching reported surgical outcomes in cases like her own), provided him with editorial assistance in this paper. Martha did not use the Schroth method, which leaves me questioning, what were/are the elements of her own therapy which may share some commonality with Schroth? Improvement of chest wall, with exercise specific to curvature pattern, comes immediately to my mind.

For others who may wish to read this article, it can be accessed in another forum, found here in posting #10: http://www.fixscoliosis.com/threads/346-Scoliosis-and-Cor-Pulmonale

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Since NSF does not allow uploads of files this large - I'm just passing the info along to those who are interested.