View Full Version : What to do with my brace now I'm leaving the UK? :(

07-04-2010, 12:29 PM
Im an international student from germany and ive been in the uk for the last year...
i brought my brace over but, i dont have 2 wear it anymore... due to backpain i wanted 2 be safe and my dad send it 2 me.
i only used it twice in the whole year & it's way 2 small now, so i wont take it back home...

but.. i dont want 2 just throw it in a bin, or sth like that...
so do u have any idea where 2 hand in an old brace? maybe a clinic so they can show an example or sth like that?
or maybe charity or anything?
if it depends on the area, im in south devon...


07-08-2010, 04:50 PM
If I were you, I would just ask around. Maybe call a few hospitals around you and ask if they would know where to put it or if they can use it. Another place to call would be your brace maker. They could have some instruction for what to do with them. If worst comes to worst and nobody knows, find the dumpster of the hotel you are staying at or maybe the school dorm's dumpsters and just throw it in. I don't see any reason not to get rid of it like that. I hope that helps!:D
BTW, I have been to Stuttgart and Garmische Germany. :rolleyes: miss it tons!

07-11-2010, 04:18 AM
Hey :) thank you for your answer :) Im on my way to london At the moment but I can ask my hostmum if she knows a place 2 give it coz I dont think a charity shop will take it tbh o.o if I dont find anything coz after london I only have 8 days! :( I will have 2 put it in my hostfams bin :( I dont want 2 do that but I wont have a choice really :( so there is no orthopedic clinic or sth? XD ah cool :) I dont live near stuttgart but ive been there :) ive never heard of the Other place lol xx dani

07-22-2010, 10:07 AM
i made my decision and threw it away a few days ago...
i felt really weird but i just couldnt find any1 to take it, etc.

and i just didnt want 2 take it on the plane or as luggage -.-

i still have my 1st brace at home so im gonna remember my time with it :p

well im leaving the UK on saturday and i always start crying when i only think about it :'(