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07-02-2010, 08:29 AM
Hi Everyone, I am 13 weeks post op and verrrry happy with my outcome and soooo glad I went through it. Yes, it was hard to go through, but it was so worth it. I started my first day of Physical Therapy yesterday. Can any of you that have gone through PT please let me know what your experience was...were you happy you did it? Did it help? What did they have you do? How long did you go for?

Thanks in advance. This forum is a wealth of experience to draw from and I am so thankful for you all!!!


07-03-2010, 06:12 AM
I am glad that you asked, because when I inquired about PT the my doctor was not very enthusiastic about it. He told me to walk 45 minutes a day. I had to push and ask if my sister, who is a licensed PT could give me some excersices to do and he said that would be fine.

She has me doing some core strenthening excercises, I lay on my back and move my arms and legs back and forth over my body (they call it dying bug, if you can imagine) and a move called the bridge which I lift my back off the table for 5 seconds and one where I press my lower back down to the table. Pretty basic stuff. I also am doing excercises to stetch and strengthen my back, arm, and leg muscles.

What do they have you doing?

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Surgery March 31
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07-03-2010, 01:11 PM
Laura--Walking was the main push for sure. Initially though I had trouble going very far at all. At about 3 months, I think, I started aqua therapy. That was really helpful. A bit later my pt started some very basic things but I wasn't really cleared for that until 6 months. Then we added on to the strengthening exercises. During all of this I continued from the beginning with the basic mostly "bed" exercises that I got in rehab. Janet

07-04-2010, 10:18 AM
Hi Laura - sounds like things are going great. Since you're from out of town did Lenke's office coordinate PT with someone in your city? I see Bridwell again July 19(surgery scheduled for Aug 31) and wondered how the PT works for those of us out of town.