View Full Version : follow up appt on june 29 2010

07-01-2010, 11:28 PM
my appt with my surgeon when really well we check in at the nurses desk a nurse called my name kara we followed her to get my vitals done then we followed her to a room that said Gupta a little while later i Saw Dr Luna I don't remember what he said. then dr Tseng came in to the room she examied me to
then she when to go find Dr Gupta
Then Dr Gupta and Dr Tseng came in to the room Dr Gupta was conernd i chould tell about my fall
He also examied me he had me do some of the same things like my last appt like bend over
and some new things like walking on my heels and tip toes. now i'm going to see a two orthopedic surgeons at uc davis one for my spine and one for my foot both of them work at uc davis medical center