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07-01-2010, 09:17 AM
Hi everyone-

I am now 3 weeks post op. Haven't posted in a few days because I'm trying to catch up on my sleep. I was exhausted the past 2 days. I was wondering if any of you had this pain I have been experiencing for the past week. I was fused from T3-L3 so the rods are not right around my neck but are kind of close by. My neck was feeling great up until about a week ago. I sleep on a medical bed and for 3 nights i didn't lie all the way flat back (slept with the bed reclined half way back) and woke up with what felt like "kinks" in my neck. Those mornings when I woke up, the neck pain was horrible and I could barely move my neck. I remember I woke up screaming to my husband. I think I definately hurt it in my sleep. It's hard to move it from left to right. I know that before surgery i have neck problems because I saw my cervical MRI. Anyway, my neck usually doesn't bother me. My husband also thinks it's because I've been typing on my computer alot since I've been bored and just doing that making your posture bad and your neck look down. So now I have this bad pain in my neck and I'm really scared. My neck feels the best after I take naps and lie flat down. Then I am good for about 2 hours. But now, I have to log off really quick because I can barely keep my neck lifted up. I have to lie down now. Anyone else have this problem? I'm going to see Dr. Boachie next Thursday so I'll ask him then. Just wondering if you have every experienced this. i want it to go away sooo bad. It is sooo annoying!

Thanks for listening and any comments you may have.


07-01-2010, 09:27 AM
Hey Jen - I'm fused T2-L1, similar to you. I am about 10 weeks post op. I to had a medical bed and kept myself elevated slightly. In those early weeks I had so many complications....but I somewhat agree with your husband. I do remember when I went on the computer my neck would just start to ache. I have a laptop and would be looking down at the screen. I was on the computer very minimal the first month or so. Just enough to make some posts.
Not sure what to tell you to do about the pain that has set in though. You might touch base with a physical therapist for ideas.
I sure hope you get feeling better. It was at about 8 weeks when I got off my prescription pain meds and today I can say I feel great. I still am on IV antibiotics, but just to assure you it will get better. It took a whole lot longer than I anticipated. Still worth it. Hang in there! I admire you having a family to care for while you are healing. I don't know how you young Moms do it. It was enough for me to take care of me, with the help of an awesome husband.
Prayers remain with you Jen.

07-01-2010, 09:20 PM
Hi Jen...

I suspect that you've got a soft tissue injury (probably, as you suspect, from sleeping in a bad position). This is something that happens to me at least a few times a year. I usually use a heating pad, and try to spend some time lying flat on the bed with my neck on the edge of the bed, and my head hanging slightly over the side. Massage also seems to help.

Hope yours is short-lived.


07-01-2010, 10:40 PM
No surgery, but the neck thing has happened to me a few times in the past. Too much lap-top definitely brings it on. I also had it when I was nursing and looking down at the baby too much. The only way around that is to sit at a desk where you can look straight ahead, instead of down, at your computer. Also, I liked to lie flat on my bed with no pillow. It can take a while to go away sometimes, but if you can avoid repeating the positions that cause it, it will go away pretty quickly. Good luck!