View Full Version : Anyone try potty training while braced?

05-30-2010, 07:16 PM
Hi, all! My 3 yr-old had her growth rods surgery 2 months ago and is doing really well. No pain, moving like crazy, and compliant in wearing her brace--she's still not allowed to stand at all without it on. She's allowed to sleep and sit on a shower stool for a short while without the brace. She's going to be braced at least until July, likely longer (the surgeon had to use hooks instead of screws at the top and is being cautious until she's older).

Of course, NOW she's acting interested in potty training. I can pull the pullups down with her brace on, but I'll definitely have to lay her down and take the brace off to get a pullup back on. I'm wondering if it's better to wait until the brace is gone or just go for it. We have no guarantees of when the brace will be gone. Anyone gone through this?