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10-25-2004, 01:34 PM
Have any of you had Iliotibial Band Syndrome? I have this, and I'm guessing it's because one of my legs is "shorter" than the other. (One hip is higher than the other.) My leg is very sore. did you do any stretches or physical therapy for it?


11-08-2004, 12:58 PM
I have been suffering with ITBS in my right leg for over 3 years. While I am not completely rid of it, I have been able to alleviate it enough to go back to running thanks to physical therapy (and arthroscopic surgery on my knee to eliminate a cyst that probably resulted from inflammation in the area of the ITB in the knee.) I still need to continue the treatment below or it seems to come back pretty quickly.

I have scoliosis with my right hip high resulting in a short right leg. Also I pronate quite a bit. Initially, everyone told me to stretch the ITB. That never seemed to help. In addition to the stretching, I seemed to need:
1. Breaking up adhesions, etc. rolling on a 6" foam roller for both my lTB and my lower back.
2. Reinforcing a proper spine curve in my lower back by lying on my stomach and raising my upper torso onto my elbows/ hands.

3. Strengthening my outer hip.

A really useful article to understand what was going on, and what some of the strengthening exercises aret:


Hope this helps a bit.