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05-25-2010, 01:09 PM
Can anyone let me know what their experience for their child has been in the Cheneau Brace? I was trying to look it up and I really didn't find many sites on it. It seemed to be all the same pictures on all of the sites. The brace looks a little strange to me, I can't understand why they have the waist so tiny and then the hips look so huge, how is this concealed under clothing?

I am really worried about my daughter changing braces from one that is easily concealed to something that looks like it'll make her body go in at different areas, some of the pictures I saw, the brace looks so curvy, I can't see how you can cover it under clothes.

Does anyone have pictures of their kids Cheneau brace? maybe a pic of their child in clothes also to see how well it's concealed? My daughter is 10 and going into Middle School in Sept and I don't want her to have problems with people that aren't aware of her Scoliosis.

05-25-2010, 01:51 PM
Hi MJB, G (who is going on 9) has had 2 Rigo-Cheneau braces. The first one was very streamlined and hardly noticeable under her clothes. The one she is currently wearing does "bell" more at the hips and was more noticeable under her clothes (she only wears it at night now) but not ridiculously so. Both come out more in the back at top because it is purposely made with an expansion area for easier breathing. I used to have pictures but my previous computer blew up and I don't have them any more. If it's important to you, I could take a couple and send them to you by email. Both braces were pretty well concealed with babydoll and a-line type tops, although G didn't mind it showing so she wore anything over it. She only wore leggings and similar bottoms for the elastic (so that the brace doesn't get caught on the edge of the pants and push them down). She has done really well in the brace, both in terms of correction and in terms of tolerance. The pictures on the internet do make it look strange but it's better in person; and each brace is different depending on the curve and the kid. Let me know if you would like more info--feel free to PM me.

06-08-2010, 11:53 AM
Our daughter also "graduated" from Spinecor and made successful transition to Cheneau.
We had similar worries about the adjustment but it worked out like a charm!
She is more comfortable then she ever was in Spinecor, visits to the bathroom are easy now and whenever she is too hot or sweaty she can take her brace off and change the undershirt, which was not possible with the old one, since we needed to buckle it every time (straps in the back).
Anyways, our perception about horrible, plastic and uncomfortable cast on her body was totally wrong.
It is a light brace with an excellent support to the spinal curvature. Our daughter said that her back feels better in the new brace; I guess that she feels better supported.
We have planned to purchase foam mattress when she switched the brace but she slept first night in a hotel with no issue and started wearing long hours from the beginning.
I guess that kids who are already braced make that transition a bit easier.
Our daughter’s brace was made by Luke at Orthotic Solutions and we were provided with an excellent care and services.
I was not aware that the Sick Kids is offering the same brace (we live in Canada) and I am happy to hear such news.
We wish your daughter and you good luck and all the best!

06-12-2010, 09:49 AM
Thanks so much! I am glad to hear this!

I was told at Sick Kids last week that they only brought the Cheneau Brace there 2 years ago when one of their Orthopedic Surgeons started with them, he was from Paris and it was the brace that he feels strongly about treating patients in. So far it has done really well at the hospital. They also do Boston Braces there.

06-23-2010, 07:18 PM
MJB, the looks of the brace are due to it's design. The hip area has one side with a hold point to hold the spine in place while pressure on the opposite side is applied to the curve. The wide areas or holes are to allow expansion or movement of the skeleton and muscles in that direction, the direction you want to push the curve towards. The brace is quite smartly designed. My daughter wears one. It's easy to hide and take off. Straps are in front. After everything we've learned, seen and researched since my daughter's diagnosis, I wouldn't get any other type of brace. Other's on this forum may discourage you, but if you do some work, you'll find what works best. The RSC brace and Schroth exercises have helped my daughter more than I ever expected they would. Posture out of brace is vastly improved over the last 6 months. Curve shows decreasing Cobb angles with each in brace Xray. Good luck to you!

Still Hoping
10-19-2010, 08:30 PM
Hi BBrian35. I was wondering if you could post your daughter's angles before and after the brace? It would be interesting and may be of help in deciding if CB is the way to go. Also, how do I find Schroth exercises to do or specialist nearby? Thank you!