View Full Version : Ok help here please not doing so well

05-23-2010, 01:28 PM
ok so I am not doing well with the constant back pain at all. I am thinking of calling the pain managemt dr. on monday and ask about meds. As I dont have anything to take.
I do have some meds that are for my migranes that I would think should help the back pain, but they dont at all. ultram, nothing at all firocet nothing at all
even shot of demerol does not touch the back pain.
my requiremnts are please take away the pain so I can work. I dont want to get fat on them, be depressed and out of it. I wouldnt be able to waitress like that.
so what the heck can I get to kill this pain. Between the migranes and back pain I am going to go crazy.

05-23-2010, 03:45 PM
How bad is your back as far as curvature and anything else that is wrong? I only ask this because I get this severe back pain, too. I finally cracked and went to the doctor and agreed to be put back on the strong stuff. I'm now two months into it and the meds are making me so sick. I would do anything to avoid them, but my scoli doctor doesn't think surgery at this point will help. Just a word of caution about going on strong meds. I'm weaning off because they eventually quit working and actually ADD to the pain. Maybe there is something else they can do for you, depending on where the pain is. I had an epidural injection of steroid and that helped tremendously for my lower back pain. I also got a new bed that is adjustable like a hospital bed. I sleep much better in it. I would see a pain specialist and see what they say. I hope you feel better, soon.

05-23-2010, 05:18 PM
i would definitely call the pain doctor tomorrow morning...

as for the meds you mentioned...i never got anything from ultram...to the point that i asked the doctor what it was SUPPOSED to do! the fioracet helped me with headaches but nothing else...

i take hydrocodone...morphine makes me sick to my stomach....(i still have most of them in the bottle), oxycontin made me too tired....a few years ago i had a fentenyl patch, but it didnt do enough, and i had what they like to call "break thru pain"...what a name! more like "all the time pain"..then there was a recall of the patches, & i gave up on them....i get injections too...botox for thoracic, lots of other stuff we've tried on lumbar..

am wondering if the doctor might combine injections of some sort (epidural, facet, sacroiliac, nerve ablation...etc...) with oral meds...and i know from experience, as do most on this forum, that the first injection given isnt always the one that works...if you're lucky it will, but more often than not i think it is some trial and error...so the sooner you start, the better, since i believe you said the season starts any minute...

best regards