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05-09-2010, 08:53 PM
Well I didn't have to have the myelogram done, I had called the hospital the day before to find out exactly what it involved, and when I found out, I told them I wasn't prepared to go through with it. I called my doctor and asked was there any other way to find out what was wrong with my leg, and he said the CT Scan would be fine although it wouldn't give quite as much accurate information. The myelogram would have meant me having an IV for fluids to help prevent the headache that some of you have mentioned on here before, and then apparently after the procedure I was told I would have to lay flat for 12 hours. So with having two boys to take care of, and having gone through enough with the surgery, I did not want to go through this.

Anyway this Friday just gone I met with both a neurologist and my doctor. The neurologist figured out along with my doctor that I had some kind of reaction to laying on the pads for the ten hour surgery (my doctor said this was the first time he had ever witnessed anyone suffer with this), and it affected my femoral nerve. Apparently when I woke up from surgery, Dr. Cronen noticed bruising and redness across my chest, and on both my thighs where the pads were. My chest is still a little tender to touch, my left thigh is fine, but my right thigh is where the pain has been. So the neurologist had recommended a medicine that could have taken away the pain in my leg and stopped my fatigue and nauseousness and replaced the percocets and oxycontin, but when I got home the pharmacist told me that the meds would cost $430 just for 30 days. So that would not work for me. The other thing the neurologist had suggested was a shot in my leg, which would remove the pain instantly I think, and last for a few months, by which time my leg should be fine at that point anyway. So - I think I will probably end up getting the shot - although today my leg seemed to be slightly better, so I may give it a few days and see if it starts improving on its own, otherwise, I'll just get the shot. In the meantime, I've decided to wean off the percocets and the one oxycontin that I'm taking, the percocets are causing me to feel exhausted, fatigued, and nauseous every day, and that's no way to live, so no matter what, I'm weaning off those rotten pills. I figure the way I'm going to wean off them, I should be off them by May 30th. I will wean off them very slowly, as I know there can be horrible withdrawals on these pills.

I am thrilled however all in all with my surgery. I can't say enough wonderful things about my doctor, Dr. Cronen, he is fantastic. While I was in the hospital he visited me every single day, and since leaving the hospital he has given me his private phone number so that I could text message him whenever I needed to ask him a question etc., and also his personal assistant Josh Gilliam did the same, and gave me his phone number to text him also. Dr. Cronen did a magnificent job with my correction, I just found out at my visit that my lower lumbar which was at an 85 degree curvature - is now at a 27 degree curvature, and my upper curvature was 55, and is now 19. Can you believe it? Every time I look in the mirror I can hardly believe it how different I look to before, and taller :)

These last few weeks have been pretty horrible for me, only because of the pain in my leg, and the affects of the meds on me, but I really feel like suddenly I'm turning a corner. Today felt like a turning point for me, and my family said I looked different today. They thought I looked brighter, my eyes looked clearer, and I didn't have that drugged up look about me.

After this kind of surgery, and being fused to the sacrum, sure has changed my life though. I'm learning each day how to do things, how to change the sheets on the beds (tucking the sheets in is really hard for me), doing laundry, walking is so different, learning to walk in a different way, instead of walking to a slant to the right, I walk very straight with great posture, and that takes some getting used to. I love it when people say how great my posture looks :)

I knew this was going to be hard, and in some ways it has been easier than I expected, and in some ways harder. The fatigue from the meds has been very very hard on me, especially taking care of my boys, and the fact their father has been pretty much non-existent since I came home from hospital. So when the boys say "Mommy we want to play outside." I think - oh gosh, here we go, out in the Florida humidity and heat, when I feel like I just want to curl up into bed and sleep. Still - each day is slowly but surely getting a little bit better.

I absolutely do not regret having this surgery, I'm thrilled with the results, I'm so happy that I chose Dr. Cronen, he is fantastic, the best doctor in the universe as far as I'm concerned :)

So that's my update, I hope everyone else is doing great, I've been thinking about Melissa and I'm about to check and see if there are any updates about her on here, and I'm thinking of Janet Sully who has her surgery coming up with my lovely doctor in June, and everyone else who has just had surgery or is about to have it - you are all in my thoughts and prayers, and think of this as being a very exciting time.

The best part is - now I don't have to think of having scoliosis anymore, I don't have to worry about my heart and lungs anymore, and I don't have to worry about should I or shouldn't I have surgery anymore - it's all part of the past, and the best is yet to come - my life is just beginning :)

05-09-2010, 09:26 PM
Lynette--What a wonderful post! Despite the leg pain and other problems, it sounds like you are on the upswing in health and spirit. Don't try to do too much too fast (yeah, I know with 2 little ones not easy) but you need to think of yourself to best be able to take care of them. It's a long ongoing process but you are getting there! Congratulations. Janet

05-10-2010, 12:27 AM
Hi Lynnette, My fellow warrior. I am so impressed that you're able to post so soon after your surgery. I also had a rough recovery in a different way. I could have never gotten on here after only 6 weeks.:)

Don't let your sense of humor get lost in your troubles!!!! Just remember how strong a woman you truly are having just gone through one hell of a reconstruction. You will soon feel that if you got through this, you can do anything:D.

Please don't do too much too soon. Let your body rest and heal!!!

05-10-2010, 12:42 AM
Great post Lynnette! You've had much to contend with and I can't tell you how impressed I am that you've been able to deal with this recovery and the added burden of that awful pain yet you've continued taking care of your boys on your own. I know your Mum was there for a while, but it's so early in your recovery to take on such responsibility. I was thinking...can you ask a neighbour to tuck in your sheets? I don't think you should be lifting a mattress at this stage.

But I'm very happy to hear that your pain may be on the wane. If you can avoid all those interventions, that would be fantastic. I hope that leg pain just goes away of its own accord and you can enjoy all those really good things that have come your way since surgery.

Take care Lynnette and thanks for letting us know how you're getting on.

05-10-2010, 12:54 AM

Seems like you are coming along ok.... I do remember being sore from laying down on operating tables, these things happen.

At 5 weeks, your update sounds about right. It seems that you are on track, and things will turn out just fine, they just take some time.

After I was off my meds, my pain increased just for a few days, then it was smooth sailing... its good to see that you are ready.

I know the leg is sore, but you need to keep walking even if its only around the block. Its important. I'm sure you found a garage sale and bought your ski poles cheap. In Florida, used ski poles are worth about $1. Add .50 cents if they have racing stripes. LOL