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04-30-2010, 12:25 PM
I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this under surgical. But since I was evaluated for surgery, I thought I would post here. I got my X-rays from my chiropractor today. As suspected, the progression started with treatment. I'm not angry about it. I look at it this way. My spine was so stiff, no one was able to ever move or pop it, even when I was a teenager. I had measured 41* in 2000, 40* in 2005, 41* in 2008 when I started treatment and now 46* in 2010. I talked at length with her about it. I gave her the names of Dr. Rivard and Coillard and told her about the Spinecor brace. I said these were orthopedic surgeons with the SRS that were willing to work with chiropractors. I know this is controversial for some people and I'm not going to debate it. The simple fact is that the Spinecor has helped some people and this Chiropractor is eager to find out more about it. I told her that I would continue working with her, but I would only have my neck adjusted and hands off the thorcic spine except for muscle work. She agreed that was probably the best route to go considering I am progressing. She is a very humble person. She gave me my X-rays so that I can have them examined by the radiologist at the hospital where I am being treated. I am very glad I went. I was apprehensive at first, but I'm happy now!:) On the surgical side, we both agreed that I would probably eventually need surgery. We were both of the opinion that since the spine seems to have moved or been released, my surgery may be easier since it is more flexible now. I hope this is the case.

04-30-2010, 12:50 PM
Sound like life is on the upswing again. Well-sort of.

When I was your age (I sound like such an elder:eek:), I was remeasured for the first time in 15 years. I had only progressed a few degrees in that time. For the next ten years, I progressed more quickly (bearing in mind that there is the 5 degree variance and also the difference between medical practitioners and their measuring techniques), and in one year- measured by two different docs, a difference of 8 degrees, per curve....

At this profoundly hormonal age, I think it is safe to say that progression picks up speed. Maybe it had nothing to do with chiropractic adjustments. I guess there is no way to know. I did not have any adjustments in my 40's and had some in my early 50's-none in the year of greatest progression. Had zilllions of them in my 30's when little progression. I do not let anyone adjust me now, although I cannot resist lifting my arms over my head in the morning, leaning to the back right, and getting one satisfying crack. It seems to loosen me up.

No desire to kick up a too-hot topic- just listing my experience in the hopes that it will ease your mind if you are in anyway kicking your own butt about having caused progression via adjustments, although in your case it sounds like it may behoove you to get up into the 50+ degree category asap. What a deal?! To have to wish yourself up into surgical territory- what is wrong with this picture? Sheesh!!

Anyway, you sound a litte better today, my friend, and for that I am glad...

04-30-2010, 01:05 PM
Hey rohr..i think those braces are really expensive...will insurance cover it?

glad you are feeling a little bit better today...


04-30-2010, 03:25 PM
Thanks for the responses. Yes, it does seem CRAZY to "wish" yourself to be a few degrees worse just to get the surgery in hopes of some pain relief. The chiro and I were in agreement that the adjustments probably were responsible for loosening my spine, which may or may not be a good thing. We'll never know. Like I said, it may have broken things free that would make surgery easier in the long run. I am feeling MUCH better about it. I got some good muscle work done on my scapula's which left me feeling too good. I went and lifted something heavy and probably just aggravated some things in there. :( I really have to watch myself.

I hear the braces are about $5000 from what I've read. If I could post a picture of my X-rays, you could see that the brace would never benefit me. They would have to strangle me with it! LOL :p BUT it could help my daughter, possibly, who has a lumbar and lower thoracic curves. We can only wait and see. I really need to find a good ortho who is "consistent" with his finding! Then my daughter and I can both go and see him/her. So nothing is going to be happening too soon, unless these findings with the X-ray mean a lot to the neurosurgeon, who maybe can recommend me to get a second opinion from another ortho person. We'll see.:)