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Joe's Mom
10-16-2004, 12:13 PM
Haven't posted in a while. . . took son to orthopaedist on Friday for his 6 month check. Scoliosis seems to be stable at 26-27 degree upper and 22 degree lower curves. Kyphosis, however, has increased 5 degrees in past 6 months . . .the rate of progression of the Kyphosis seems to be at about that degree . . .5-10 degrees per year for the past 2 years. Is not at 41-44 degrees and we are still in wait and see mode.

Son is 15 and at the rate of progression we are seeing, he may well reach the 60 degree mark/surgery in not terribly long . . . but he handled the news well.

We talked about college and decided he should look for a college that has a stellar medical school/ortho program (not that he is going to major in it, but it would give him a doctor/program to follow him for at least 4 years as a young adult!)

So, does anyone know of a stellar medical schoo/ortho program/college/university???


PS the kyphosis finally showed wedging so he thinks it is probabaly Scheruman's Kyphosis along with scoliosis along with foot deformity. *sigh*

10-16-2004, 04:50 PM
Hi there...

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is one of the finest and there are good Ortho surgeons affiliated with it (particularly at Pennyslvania Hospital).

You could also look on US News and World Report. Lots of University hospitals show up there, as they are some main locations for cutting-edge research. You could also look through Linda Racine's list of scoliosis specialists which is posted online.

As somebody who has been a student at different institutions, and is now an academic, I'd recommend you check the exact details of the health plans available to students (if you son will not remain on your plan)... sometimes the student plans have large restrictions.

Take care. ~Laura

10-16-2004, 08:42 PM
Hi Joe's Mom...

It doesn't get much better than UCSF.