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04-24-2010, 11:19 AM
I feel very depressed. I had weaned down my meds beautifully with no side effects except the pain in my leg got worse and worse. Talked to my surgeon who put me on Neurontin, that has done zero for the pain relief, in fact I've now had to go back on all my percocet, the only pill I've stopped taking is the morning Oxycontin, I still take the nighttime Oxycontin. The Neurontin is knocking me out and I feel sleep and usually sleep when I can for half the day, and then when I'm up I feel this constant searing pain in my right quadricep. This is not a pain that comes and goes, or a numbness, this is searing constant pain. I can't even sit on the toilet comfortably - sorry to be rude! The percocet doesn't take the pain away, and I feel like I'm walking round in a daze and horrible pain all day long - I can't stand it. I had kept up my walking - but after my walk every day my leg feels worse and worse, any suggestions? I have two sons to take care of and my mother is still living here, I can't continue like this sleeping so much and in so much pain. Thinking of telling my surgeon on Monday and asking for xrays or something - this just doesn't feel right.

04-24-2010, 11:51 AM
I agree -- you should get checked ASAP. Does it feel at all hot or swollen at the site of the worst pain? (symptoms of blood clot) If it does, you should go to the ER. Otherwise, call your surgeon on Monday. Good luck to you!

04-24-2010, 12:21 PM
Leg pain after surgery seems to be pretty common, and is almost always temporary. Like you, I'm totally knocked out by neurontin. Since you're in your early recovery period anyway, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Increasing the amount of neurontin you take (by doctor's order, of course), may resolve the pain. Or, I think Lyrica has helped others.


04-24-2010, 01:30 PM
Lynette...i think you should definitely tell the surgeon and see what he says...emphasize that it is searing unbearable pain and not just minor pain or tingling...
i was given neurontin years ago...nothing...i asked the doctor what it was supposed to do...cause it had no effect on me...mustve been a low dose or something...

please call and ask on Monday...if nothing else, maybe surgeon can tell you what it is or reassure you!

hope you feel better soon...


04-24-2010, 02:12 PM
Could it be that he accidentally pinched a nerve during surgery? You had your lumbar vertebrae fused, right? I hope all is well SOON!!

04-24-2010, 03:04 PM
Lynette --

I'm so sorry you're having so much pain. Wish I had some answers for you, but I haven't been there yet. I do take 300 mg Neurontin, morning and evening. At times I've thought it wasn't helping me, but when I'd stop taking it, I could definitely tell a difference in my pain level. My dr prescribed Lyrica for me, but my insurance company wouldn't pay for it.

Is there not an after hours and weekend emergency number for your doctor? I do hope you can get some relief soon.


04-24-2010, 03:59 PM
I am wincing just thinking about that pain. Please contact your surgeon. It doesn't sound anything like the occasional leg twinges I had, but it seems bad leg pain is common. I hope it's nothing and it will probably resolve, but I would be wanting it checked if I were you. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Is your Mum able to stay longer?

04-24-2010, 04:36 PM

I hope that you get some relief soon.


04-24-2010, 07:11 PM
Lyn, i'd call your sugeon ASAP. I had leg pain, pretty much like the one that RitaR explains in her thread, but yours sounds more stronger than that and the fact that it is not intermittent (sp?). Yep, i wouldn't take any chances here, may not be anything but you need to know.

04-24-2010, 08:07 PM

I'm so sorry about this pain. These things always seem to happen on the weekend.....

Try a hot hot bath. Remember, if you go down to emergency, major distress will get you in quickly. Tell them your pain is a 10.

Soon your struggling will be over. Things will improve soon.

04-24-2010, 09:49 PM
Okay it's 10:48pm and now I'm worried sick that I have a blood clot in my leg, my mother and children are all fast asleep, and the last thing I want to do is wake my 77-year-old mother up to take me to ER (just in case) I have a blood clot. Do you all think that's what I have? If anyone is on this message board please respond to me - gosh I hate this.

04-24-2010, 10:09 PM
I've decided not to let myself worry, I'm going to sleep now and I'll text message my surgeon's personal assistant tomorrow morning telling him exactly what's going on, so good night everyone, and thanks for all your advice and well wishes. Just wish I wasn't such a worry wart!

04-24-2010, 10:38 PM
i have a friend who was put on neurontin for post surgical pain and it turned out to be part of her problem. She had severe leg pain and could not stand, then she began to swell in her ankles and that began to spread. Anyway, long story short, the more neurontin she took the worse her symptoms got and when she stopped the neurontin the symptoms went away. It's just a thought. I looked up neurontin when she was going through this and it is a very rare side effect that too much neurontin causes severe swelling. Weird huh? Also, the problems I have heard people complain of with Lyrica are mind blowing. I would rather stick with tried and true old fashioned narcotics.

04-25-2010, 07:05 AM
I have been on Lyrica for my Fibromyligia for almost 3 years and it has been wonderful for me, much better than neurontin. Neurontin did nothing for my pain.


04-25-2010, 07:28 AM

yes if your pain is so bad, I think a call to the surgeon's office today (Sunday) is definitely in order. I hope you got some sleep.

One other observation, it seems to me that weaning totally off all meds after only 3 weeks seems pretty fast.

Keep us posted.

04-25-2010, 09:39 AM
I agree with Debbie. 3 weeks does seem too soon. I didn't even think about weaning at 3 weeks. I am not sure why people are in such a rush to come off the meds. I guess people enjoy pain more than I do.

04-25-2010, 10:33 AM
I hope your feeling better today. I do know that Nuerontin/Lyrica can take awhile to get desired effects. It also may be too soon to stop the narcotics. If your still in pain today I would go to the ER for piece of mind if anything else. I hope your feeling better!

04-25-2010, 11:54 AM
Just spoke to my surgeon Dr. Cronen - he has called in a new prescription for me - a steroid pack, some patches I put on my leg for 12 hours and take off for 12 hours etc., and some pills to replace the Neurontin - I forget the name he said - my mum is now as I write picking up my prescription for me. He also told me to go slower about weaning off on the pills. Right now I'm on all my meds, and will not start weaning off them again until I feel some relief in my leg, and then I will very very slowly start weaning off them at that point. Just feeling pretty depressed today, as I want my mum to be able to go home, and I want my life back - yes I know patience is what I need right now. Upsetting when the kids father hasn't seen them since Apr 14th, he's off in L.A. doing "business" with his wife there (business is a great way to cover for vacation), and he's not seeing them this coming week or coming weekend either - so I've had no break from my boys, and it's of course more pressure on my mum - but I remind myself that the boys are at least better off with me where they feel loved and secure. It just sickens me watching my ex doing all these things with his wife, and yet trying to reduce my child support in court. I know I shouldn't be thinking about this stuff, just feeling so incapacitated right now knowing I can't work part-time yet or anything, and can't afford to take my boys on a vacation this year, all of it is getting on top of me today. Sorry for blurting my life out to you all again, just having one of those fed up days today. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. I'll let you all know how the meds work for me. It was really nice of Dr. Cronen to call me back on a Sunday so soon, he and his personal assistant Josh Gilliam are wonderful people, and genuinely care about your well-being. It's good to know I'm in such good hands! :)

04-25-2010, 12:09 PM
Hi Lynette,
You sure have your plate filled plus just having surgery. I don't know if you have thought of antidepressants or not. For all I know you might be on them I don't really know. But, when things are as stressful as they are for you right now, they might help that's if you aren't allready taking something.
I have been on ad's for a long time and I know a lot of people became over stressed right after surgery, which can have an adverse affect on your pain.
just a thought.

04-25-2010, 01:46 PM
give yourself some time. Remember, your back was literally broken all over, which causes significant pain. As you physically heal, the pain will start to subside, but when the pain gets ahead of you, it's hard to control. I'm sure your mother doesn't mind--she's there isn't she? She understands what a major sugery this was, and won't want you to compromise healing properly by rushing it. If you're sleeping extra, it's because your body needs it. Your body went through a major trauma. Try not to push too much.

I hope the new meds do the trick.

04-25-2010, 07:38 PM
Lynette -- I'm so sorry you're have such a difficult time. You've been through a tremendous amount both emotionally and physically. I pray you will turn the corner soon and begin to see great progress.


04-25-2010, 09:53 PM
So sorry Lynette! You're such a soldier. Just don't be TOO brave. Yes it IS possible you have a blood clot. I had similar symptoms after knee surgery and was given an emergency ultrasound just to be on the safe side. Negative but I felt better. (The surgeon made me go, and it wasn't even a bad pain).

I'd ask for one if I were you. Once you ask, the MD is kind of forced to order it as if you (god forbid) should have a DVT (leg clot) they're extra at fault. Don't know why Dr. Cronen is holding back, as it's not a super expensive test!

If your leg is not red and hot feeling at the site of pain, you should be OK from what I've read about DVTs (sorry, this is so much after the fact). However, I'm of the "better safe than sorry", school anyhow, no matter what doctor or nurse thinks I'm a crock. I've been right too often too care.

You're really holding down the fort there, even after this major "insult" to your body.
Best of luck!!

04-25-2010, 09:57 PM
FWIW the mfgr. (Parke-Davis) of Neurontin seems to be in the process of being sued again for false promotion of its off-label uses (such as pain relief).

Sheesh, I thought this was over years ago! They got their (paid) docs to go around proselytizing and handing out freebies and samples, for at least a decade. I don't think it's FDA approved for anything but use as a mild anti-convulsant, but they promoted it for everything but hangnails.
Seems it should be a class action suit and we should ALL get a tiny piece of the action! (Yep, I took it regularly, and "found" it helped prevent awakening from sleep. Mebbe so, mebbe not! Power of suggestion is real power!)

The more we find out, the more it comes out that very few psychotropic drugs (this includes pain relievers) can compete with the miracle drug, PLACEBO!

Here's just one recent Google at random. Plug in "Neurontin + lawsuit" and see what comes up (and the number of entries!) http://bipolar.about.com/cs/neurontin/a/neurontin_suit.htm

I have a very large BEE IN THE BONNET about false medical promotion. Worst of all, in fact, are the spinal orthopedic specialists who've been paid hundreds of thous $ for speaking in favor of spinal products, under the guise of objective science. Medtronic is one of the worst offenders. GRRRRRR. :mad:

Karen Ocker
04-26-2010, 10:58 AM
. I would rather stick with tried and true old fashioned narcotics.

Opiates do nothing for nerve pain short of general anesthesia. Neurontin/Lyrica are anti seizure medications which were found to give good relief for nerve pain. It is commonly used for diabetic nerve pain.

During my revision recovery I was given neurontin in gradually increasing doses until I was taking the maximum 3600mgm a day. This enabled me to get off all opiates after 3 months. All this was under the care of a pain management doc. I was gradually tapered off by 6 months when I went back to work.

04-26-2010, 11:12 AM
"Opiates do nothing for nerve pain short of general anesthesia."

Karen, you hit that one on the bell!

04-26-2010, 11:15 AM
i hope what the doctor prescribed takes care of the pain until it is gone! you are dealing with soooo much...you have all my sympathy...not that it helps, but just know that others are pulling for you!

i say again, i got nothing from neurontin for pain...to the point of asking the doctor what it was for, since i felt absolutely nothing from it...i have some nerve pain, and i have sciatica down left leg, but i think most of my pain is from structural problems...and discs that are just awful, per the pain and the surgeon's opinion! of course, spinal stenosis doesnt help...doctor who lives across the street from me said spinal stenosis causes pain...by now, i cant tell what pain is coming from what :rolleyes:

too bad i couldnt join the neurontin law suit! :)

i hope each day brings more healing to you, Lynette...and i hope things ease up....i am so sorry that some people in your life dont seem sympathetic....i am just glad you have your mother to help...dont worry about anything but getting better!


loves to skate
04-26-2010, 08:02 PM
Neurontin works for me. I take 900mg/day and if I have more than my usual about of pain, I take and extra 300mg before bedtime. If I don't take it , the pain won't let me fall asleep. I'll take it any day rather than narcotics.

04-26-2010, 08:17 PM
Hi Lynette - I am so sorry that you are suffering so. I am trying to slowly wean from my med. It seems to be a good medicine. I'm on a generic brand of Lortab. Remember to not push yourself to quickly!
I have had a lot of minor complications and today is the first day I think all the complications are behind me, (til tomorrow and i find a new one) and I can now move forward with healing my back and fusions.

My back is very stiff and does have pain. Each day is different and in it's own way better. My Dr told me I would have alot of leg pain, especially, upper leg due to how I was positioned during this long surgery.
Hang in there Lynette!!
Prayers are with you and your healing.

04-26-2010, 09:20 PM
Dearest Lynnette,
I know exactly how you feel regarding the leg pain. I have a left leg that has shooting pain down it and as I sit here it is uncomfortable sitting in my jeans with the numbness and tingling - sorta feeling like all the nerves are on top of the leg instead of inside. Does that make sense? Weird feeling!!! So, I called my dr today, mainly because I needed a refill of my meds, but asked while I had the nurse on the phone and she said the leg pain was not at all unusual. She said leg pain was usually a long time going away and she said she could call something out for me, Lyrica I think she said, but I told her I didn't want any more meds at this point. Trying to cut down on what I have - Hydrocodone. I'm down to 2 Hydrocodone with my cereal (Ha!) in the morning, one after lunch and then I'm usually good until about 5 or 6 on a usual day. But, if I happen to be on my feet a lot or riding in the car (ugh!) then I might have to squeeze in more. But, this is better than I was doing. I'm working part time, 10a-2p, but I have the best boss in the world, so I basically get to come and go as I want and do nothing but sit at a computer all day, except when I go for my walks. Please try not to be too hard on yourself. This all takes time. I know thats hard to understand sometimes, as I have my days too believe me, but I know exactly what you are going through. The whole time I was in hosp and afterwards when my mum was helping I felt bad for my son, never seeing him, but once I got back to him it was a wonderful feeling. And you too will make it back. Trust me. Please don't be too hard on yourself. Keep a smile you're doing great this far - take each day by day. We are here for you anytime. Hang in there.

04-26-2010, 09:20 PM
Thinking of you, Lynette....wondering if today is any better. Truly hope so. Lots of tough stuff for you these days, but you are tougher than the stuff and will prevail...Hugs.

04-27-2010, 01:34 AM
Please let us know what you did, and how you're doing, Lynette. You've been on my mind and that of others here too, I'm sure. Hope to hear good news soon! :)


(realizing this site badly needs a hug smilie!)

04-27-2010, 09:30 AM
Ditto the above post, esp.the hugs. You have had more than your share, Lynette. Hope you're getting some relief from the leg pain. It's hard to keep that one day at a time perspective right now, I know. "This, too, shall pass", but I'm sure it seems like it's taking forever. Know that there are lots of us thinking of you and cheering you on.