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04-21-2010, 07:09 PM
Hello All,
Hope everyone is doing well. I had a total fusion to sacrum on Mar 1st and I am doing very well. I still have some back pain. I've been able to lessen my pain pills and make them farther apart. I'm back working part-time 4 hours a day. I do very well at work as they are very easy on me. I have mostly a computer job so it's more of a matter getting my fingers back in shape than my back. And, I have to get used to sitting at the computer again. But, everyday is getting better and better little by little. This has been a long haul of an ordeal, but not as bad as I had prepared myself for so I guess that's okay.

The main thing I'm fighting, and concerned about, is every since the surgery the top of my left thigh has been numb, tingling, etc. I get pain that shoots down the top of my thigh, but it comes and goes as quick as it comes.

I was just curious if any one else experienced this type of phenomenon following surgery? It doesn't seem to get any worse or better. I haven't talked with Dr. Lenke about it as I have my followup on May 26th, so I will mention it to him then.

I value you all's opinions and wondered if anyone else experienced this same thing? It's just the one leg at least. Otherwise, everthing else is going very well. I have one spot in my back that is stil very, very sore at times and gives me fits to the major degree if I happen to walk too far or overdo things. Funny how our back can rule out life, isn't it?

Thanks much for your thoughts on this. I appreciate it, as always.

04-21-2010, 08:19 PM
Hi Rita! I'm so glad your doing well. :-) What your describing in your leg is somewhat similar to me...the top of my right thigh around the side of my hip has been numb since my surgery. I get some zingers from time to time where I'll get a shot of pain or strange feeling, but its generally numb all the time. I talked to my doc about it after the surgery and he said it was just from moving all the nerves around and it would come back with time. I have another appointment with him next week and plan to talk to him about it again. To be honest though, even if it doesn't come back I can live with it...its mildly annoying but not a huge deal for me.


04-21-2010, 08:44 PM
Hi Rich: Yeah, I agree. I can certainly live with it. Not a big deal for me either. Just a weird feeling for sure. thanks for the infromation. I feel much better. thanks again.

04-21-2010, 09:27 PM
Since my surgery my right quadricep has had terribly unbearable pain, and now my shin is hurting too. I can barely move my right leg now and sadly either sitting, standing, walking, or lying down are all uncomfortable. Today the pain got so bad I just cried while I was reading a story to my son. I feel so fed up with it and it made me wonder why the heck I had this surgery in the first place. I spoke to my surgeon who has put me on Neurontin (a nerve pain reducing pill) so far I've had two of these pills, one last night and one this morning, these pills knock me out sleepy and dizzy and so far absolutely no pain relief. I'm just hoping and praying the pain goes away soon as it's affecting my entire life. I also thought by now (maybe it was wishful thinking on my part), that my mum would have been able to go back home and I could have taken care of my boys by myself by now, but I"m not even close to being able to do that yet. Sorry if this is a downer, but I'm feeling so sick and tired of this pain and sick of tired of not being able to do much in my home or with my kids.

04-21-2010, 09:41 PM
I'm thinking about you and hope you get some relief soon.

04-21-2010, 10:08 PM
Rita, it took me some time to get used to sitting again but once I began to sit for an hour or more at the computer, I also had pains down the tops of my legs, both left and right but not both at the same time. I believe it was something (nerves? muscles?) getting used to that position, which was obviously different to how they were before. After about 3-4 weeks the pain stopped and it hasn't come back.

Lynette, if you get no relief from the Neurontin in a day or two, my advice would be to ring your surgeon again. It's probably just something getting used to being in a new position, now that you're doing more, but there should be some medication other than Neurontin to help with the pain.

04-22-2010, 01:28 AM
All you guys are still very early along.....and almost done with the toughest part. I had the jolts, and stabs for months. Itís the nerves healing....

I cant believe you are working! You must be doing well! Take it slow....

I was numb for months. It eventually tapers down in time.

I know what you are saying about not being able to get comfortable. Pretty soon you will start to feel better... I had a 20% improvement bump at 4 weeks out. I took 5 hot baths every day for 3 months for the pain. You hang in there.

I didnít take Neurontin, but it seems to be used often....

04-22-2010, 06:25 AM
to Lynette...you had surgery April 1st...? wow, that is so recent....please try to remember how early on you are in healing...i am so sorry that you are in so much pain...but with such a long fusion, i wouldnt expect that you could do much for yourself or your children til you are further out from the date of surgery! please go easier on yourself!!

thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who are just new to healing from this traumatic surgery!

best regards

04-22-2010, 06:29 AM
Yes, it is very early! I had severe leg pain and weakness for a couple of months. I never took Neurontin, but ice packs on the sore leg helped a lot. It's frustrating because nerves heal very slowly.

04-22-2010, 06:36 AM
I had numbness and tinglieness from my lower back, continuing halfway down both thighs, front and back. As the weeks/months went on, the area of numbness/tingliness grew smaller and smaller. The line from halfway down my thighs gradually moved up, and the numbness on the lower back moved down. Now, 1.5 yrs later, there is a very small area on my lower back on each side, right above the butt :) where it's not completely, but partially numb. No tingliness left. I had to actually reach back there just now to figure out if I have any symptoms left.

I'd say that I was dramatically better with these symptoms within 4 months, and then after that, very gradual improvements. But remember, everyone recovers differently.

As a side note, I still have a small patch of almost complete numbness to the right of my left shoulder blade. That area is much smaller too than it used to be, but the numbness doesn't bother me at all. No pinchie pain (used to describe as bee sting pain) there like I had initially.

04-22-2010, 07:30 AM
Rita, I had that pain that you are describing, but got it day two post-op. It seem to get worse everytime i went for my walk. Dr H said that it will improve, but when he made me walk down the hospital hall to check it, i started to limp as it was very painful. He didn't like what he saw and ordered me some Endep. Just before you google it. Endep is an antidepressant which is used for two reasons in diffferent doses, for example: in doses of 150mg it is used to treat depressive disorders but in doses of 5-10mg it is used to treat limb pain. I was prescribed 5mg in the am and then before bed. The good thing was, i didn't need to have the fourth dose as the pain had gone.
Hope it clears up soon for you. :)

04-22-2010, 10:13 PM
Yup,,,me, too. About 5 days post-op I started with THE worst pins and needles pain in my right leg (my incision was on the right side). It was even worse when I stood up. It took about a week to go away. Then about 2 months post-op, I started having pain, couldn't tell if it was nerve or muscular, in my right groin area and down my quad. It was hard to lift my leg to swtich from the gas to the brake while driving and hurt to lift my leg to walk up the stairs. My PT said it was possibly my muscles compressing on a nerve as everything was repositioning itself from the surgery. It finally went away...exercise helped and every now and then it comes back, but not as badly.

Have patience as everything tries to get back to normal...the new normal!

04-22-2010, 10:22 PM
I also was stupid - I had weaned way down on my meds, too much so as I really wanted to get off the meds, but boy the pain in my right leg was so unbearable, and then my back was hurting, that I realized that I had to up my percocet again. Feeling better in myself since I upped my meds, but my leg pain is still unbearable. I've been putting ice packs on it all day today, still got my walk in but boy does it hurt all the time.

04-22-2010, 11:31 PM
I am almost 3 years post op and I have a spot on both my legs in the same spot (to the outside and the very top of the thigh) and when I scratch it or bump it I actually feel it in my lower back it is so wierd that it is on both legs in the same spot. It used to be painful but now it is just a strange feeling.

04-23-2010, 04:47 PM
Wow - thanks guys. I appreciate all the information. You guys make me feel lots better. I can't hardly do steps/stairs at all because I have no strength in my right thigh from this numbness/tingling/pain, so although it's a little concerning I will just wait and give it time.
Thanks again.