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04-16-2010, 04:47 PM
My name is Kara I’m 18 years old. I had surgery on my back for scoliosis done at the at Uc Davis Medical Center I have had scoliosis for five years now. On the March 23, 2005 I had my first Dr. appt with my 1st Scoliosis specialist at the Shriner's hospital in Sacramento. We check in at the nurse desk. A nurse called my name Kara. We got up we followed her to a room. Then a door opened it was a young orthopedic resident. He said Dr. Lerman is going to be late. He asked can I look at your right foot Kara. I got off the bed. He looked at my foot careful. The he gave me a gown to put on.Then he looked at my back and he had a special ruler call a scoliometer to see if I have a twist in my spine. He said to got to x-ray to have some x-rays done. We got my x-rays done really fast. When we came back from x-ray I saw my dad. We followed the same nurse to a different room. I saw the resident examine my x-rays that was odd. The resident came into the room he said before Dr. Lerman come to the room he went me to test your reflexes. After Dr. Lerman came in to the room and said Kara you have scoliosis at 43degrees. He went to get a example brace for scoliosis. Then he came back in to the room and said this is a Boston brace for scoliosis which will look like yours. He called the brace shop. On the way to the brace shop I started to cry because I don’t when to be in a brace again. But I was happy that my friend Sonny made my brace. On April 15, 2005, I started to wear the brace which was uncomfortable. On 6/3/05 i had a MRI at Uc Davis Medical Center. On July 1, 2005, I had a ct myelogram done at UC Davis Medical Center. We are here at the Uc Davis Medical Center for my ct monogram. The nice lady at the front desk said please wait in the pediatric waiting room. Nurses called the patients names. Then a nurse called my name Kara. It was time to prepare for my Ct myelogram. I changed into hospital pajamas next in got on a bed with wheels. A Dr. from radiology came the bed I was on. He filled out the papers for my spine doctor. Then he said see you in a little bit Kara.Then he and a nurse came and got me. We all started to go down hall for my Ct myelogram. Bye mom and Liz. The first room looked much like an x-ray room but it was not. They turn me on to my tummy. The nurse put the brown cold soap on my back. Then one of the radiologists put a tube of dye in my back. They had things made of lead on. They all looked at the screen. The nurse takes me to my last part of my Ct myelogram. She helped me on to the bed. Then I’m done with the Ct myelogram. On July 26, 2007, I was at a doctor appointment with Dr. Lerman. We check in at the nurse desk. Then on the way to x-ray I saw my spine Dr. in his lab coat for the first time. We are at x-ray for a x-ray of my scoliosis. We went back to the clinic for my Dr. appointment. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to a room I had my teddy bear. I held it tight. Then the door opened it was Dr. Lerman. He was not happy at all. He said Kara and Debra this might hard for you both the here. Kara your curve got to forty-seven degrees. Now you may need surgery on your back. My next appointment is on 8/5/08. On 8/5/08 we are at Shriner's hospital in Sacramento for my Dr appt with Dr Lerman we check in at the nurses desk. Then we when to x-ray to have a x-ray done. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to a room. Dr Lerman came in to and said the said things. On 6/18/09 was my last appt with Dr Lerman. We check in at the nurse desk. Me, dad and mom when to x-ray. Then me and dad when to get my step mom Linda. Me and Linda when back in side of Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to a room. Dr Lerman came in the door and said Kara your scoliosis is at 53 degrees now you need surgery done at Uc Davis Medical Center. I will be referring you to orthopedic surgeon who works here and Uc Davis Medical Center. You will need to go to medical records and back to x-ray. In medical records my mom sighed a medical release of information. At x-ray my mom got a disk of my 8/5/08, 12/8/08 and 6/18/09 x-rays. On 7/20/09 I had my 1st appt with my new scoliosis specialist at Shriner's hospital in Sacramento. My new scoliosis specialist is Dr Gupta. We check in at the nurses desk. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to room. Then a orthopedic resident with my new scoliosis specialist came in before my new scoliosis specialist. The orthopedic resident was really friendly. He first done his exam Then he asked me questions about myself. He asked me how old I was? I said I 17 years old. He also asked what grade I was in? I said when school starts up I'll be in the 12 grade or a Senior in high school. He said before Dr Gupta came he wants me to take your reflex's. Then he when to go find a reflex hammer. Then the most funny thing happens he can't find a reflex hammer. Then Dr Gupta came in the room. He had the reflex hammer with him. He done his 1st exam then he asked the same things the orthopedic resident asked me. How old I was? I said 17 years old. What grade I was in? I said when school starts up I'll be in the 12 grade or a Senior in high school. On 11/17/09 I had Dr appt with Dr Gupta at Uc Davis Spine Center. We check in at nurses desk. The ladies at the desk were friendly. Me and dad look at the exhibit it was pretty cool. Then a while a nurse called my name Kara. We followed him to get my vitals sighs. Then we followed him to a room The room we stop at said Gupta. I had to wait to be seen by my new scoliosis specialist. When I saw him came in I was very upset. Then my mom said she thounght you guys forgot she was her. Then Dr Gupta will never do that. Then he was trying to comfort me. Which help me a lot then I said thank you Dr Gupta for comfort me then he said your welcome Kara. He ask if I had a MRI and Ct myelogram done? Yes i did. My pre op on 3/9/10 and my surgery is on 3/10/10 the day afther my pre op.
March 9 2010 the day of my preop.
We check in at the nurse desk. A nurse called my name Kara. Me and my parents followed he to the vitles area. we followed him to a room that said Gupta. I changed in to gown. after a little time want by then a orthopedic resident came in to the room.
He examed me he was nice. Then I got to sigh the consents forms. Then Dr Gupta came in the room. Dr Gupta also done the same exam on me.
Then Dr Gupta said i need new x-rays for my surgery the next day.
I had 4 bending x-rays. Then after the x-rays i when back to the room to wait for cinnie.
She gave us a folder. After I left the spine clinic we went to the out patient care center for my blood tests, my urine test. We when back to the hotel. After a little bit we when to out dinner. Then the next day was my surgery date. March 10 2010 my surgery day.
We check in at the hospital at 7 AM. Nurses called patients names. A nurse called my name Kara. Then It was time for me to get ready for my spiee surgery.
I want to the operating room area at 10 AM. In that area I saw my spine surgeon in his scrubs and surgical hat. I also meet my sleepy doctor, and a neuro doctor.
After 8 hours in surgery I came out with 2 rods, 10 scews and 5 hooks. My spine surgeon when to the surgical waiting area to talk with my family. I was in the recovery room for a copple of hours. Then they move me to the nsicu. The 1st day after my spinal fusion. I was still very sleepy. on the 2nd day i was fully awake. On the 3rd day they move me out of the nsicu to the orthopedic unit I new that the will be a physical therapist goto help me walk get out of bed a sat me in to a chair. On the 4th day I wake up by dr tom he changed my bandaid at 5 A.M. I was walking around the unit with a physical therapist, later I when down to the emergency room to x-rays done for my surgeon.
On the 5th day i was up walking with a physical therapist again. On the 6th Day I when down to inpaient x-ray for 2 x-ray of me standing.
when I come back to my room I was eating really food but i was not that hungery i only ate just to bites of of the burger and few fries. I saw my surgeon he came in and check on me. He said that I may go home today or tomorrow.
I went home on march 16 2010. I was in the hospital for 7 days.
I was in the nsicu for 2 days after surgery. The rest of the time i was on the 14 floor.
On march 30 2010 i had a dr appt at the spine center. On the way to sacramento i got sick.
We had to get me a new dress to wear. We check in at the nurses desk. A nurse called my name. We followed him to in to a room. A follow name Dr Luna came into room. He gave me a gown to put on. We saw my new x-rays comberd we was shock.
He looked at my back were my scar is. He done a exam on me. the Dr Gupta came in the door. Dr Gupta done the same exam. Then he said he what to see me in two months he going to do x-rays also in two months. My next apptment is june 8th 2010.

04-17-2010, 02:21 AM
Sounds like you did very well to be out of the hospital as quickly as you were. If you were given exercises of certain things to follow please do them. May many blessings follow your life. :) Lisa