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04-16-2010, 12:41 PM
Hi All - this is Shari's husband giving you an update on Shari's big day yesterday. First of all she is doing great!!!

Surgery ended up being 5 1/2 hours which is a couple hours longer than they thought it might be. Doctors indicated she was a bit stiffer than anticipated thus took longer to straighten her. Even with this complication they still feel reel good about overall success of surgery as they believe they have reduced her degrees to under 25 so big improvement over the 62. (Won't know exact degrees until they xray.) Also were able to reduce the rib hump and her shoulder blade wing

She also had a bit more blood loss than anticipated as she lost 4 units but she is bouncing back from that nicely as all blood work since surgery is showing great recovery. She stated there was pain but not nearly to the degree she had prepared her self for. They have had her up in a chair a couple of times and are getting ready for a short walk here real soon. They did keep her in ICU over night just to monitor but all vitals have been stable and as I indicated blook work has been good so we are moving to a "regular floor" room yet today.

She asked me to say hi to all of you!! We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your many prayers, kind words and genuine caring - it was so helpful sustaining us through the nervous moments. As many of you know Shari stated she would chat with you on the flip side - well she is now successfully on the flip side and doing great and plans on posting something real soon. I know, while Miss Impatience would like to be leaping tall buildings tomorrow, even with this recovery period she is also quite happy she chose this step and is looking forward to her first new clothes shopping trip to buy what ever she wants to wear!!!!!!!! Fun for her and even though I know it will cost me I still am very excited for her!!

04-16-2010, 12:58 PM
Thank you for updating us all on Shari's condition. I have been reading her blog and you are doing a great job with keeping everyone informed. Let her know that we are all thinking of her and hoping that her first steps are not painful!


04-16-2010, 01:24 PM
That's fabulous news. Welcome, Shari, to the world of straight backs!

04-16-2010, 02:31 PM
Fabulous news - I'm so very happy for Shari and just knew she would do great. Please give her all our best wishes and thanks for the updates :)

04-16-2010, 03:21 PM
Great news thank you!

04-16-2010, 04:05 PM
Shari -- So glad your surgery went well! Hoping you get stronger each day.


04-16-2010, 09:12 PM
What great news!!!! Thanks for the update! With my surgery being only 7 weeks away, I love reading about good news just like yours. Shari, congrats on your new back and best of luck to you!


04-16-2010, 09:31 PM
Woo Hoo! Good work, Shari!

04-16-2010, 10:20 PM
Thanks for posting this. It's so exciting to hear that Shari did so well. Keep that great recovery going. Janet

04-17-2010, 11:06 AM
What great news!!!! Thanks for the update! With my surgery being only 7 weeks away, I love reading about good news just like yours. Shari, congrats on your new back and best of luck to you!


Hi Jen, this is Shari's husband Duane. I can give you my observations and I am sure Shari will want to write you a note as well. Shari is in pain now the surgery is over but is not as bad as she thought it might be. She has found she is not nearly as stiff as she expected to be with the rods in place so that has been a very pleasant surprise to her. Now she has had limited movement as well - no twisting or bending - but the getting out of bed the walking the setting in chair, etc she indicates she really hasn't even noticed any stiffness. Her ribs and shoulder are hurting a good bit today but that is due to the manipulation they did eliminating the rib hump and the droopy shoulder - plus she was in surgery a little longer than expected as her vertebrae was stiffer than they expected thus took more effort to straighten but they still did straighten it from the 62 degrees to something under 25 - not sure until xray. So even with the stiffness still great success - just as I am sure you will experience!!

I know from being with Shari, the worst of this was the anticipation and the waiting until surgery - so much goes through your mind - both good and bad. Yet while that is a tough stretch with all of the questions and thoughts, I know it also gave Shari peace going into the surgery that she was doing the right thing and there were really no surprises at all for her or I. When I saw her after surgery her first comment was - it was over and she didn't have to worry about it any more - wo the waiting was heavy. So I am sure you are experiencing much of this same anxiety as your date moves closer - but as I see the results and as I see her moving around more and more it is definitely all worth it. She is anxious for that first clothes shopping trip where she can buy what she wants without worrying about patterns, etc - it will be a fun trip for both of us!!!!! Good luck to you and while it is no small deal it is doable and you will enjoy the success!!

04-17-2010, 01:20 PM
Congrats Shari (and hubby!)!!!! It is such a relief knowing the surgery is behind you I can vouch for that one!!!! I was at 95 degrees preoperatively and now sitting here, having had surg Mar 1st, Dr. says I am at about 25 degrees. That is just nearly miraculous to me!!!! I have always worried about my curve while buying clothes, alot like Shari it sounds. I haven't made the shopping trip yet, still working on my pain level. I sit at home and feel pretty good and think I'm ready to go, but just not quite there yet. But, I know it's just around the corner and I'm so excited! Now that we have made it to "the other side" there is nothing we can't conquer. This was the smartest thing we could have done, although probably the hardest thing we will ever do - but gives us a whole new outlook on life!!! And, like Shari it sounds, also, I have the world's best hubby and that makes a whole difference in the recovery period. My hubby stayed with me every day in the hosp and has been here for me at home whenever I have needed anything. With family support, recovery goes a whole lot smoother I think!!!
So,,,,,keep it up hubby. Be there for her, support her, encourage her and she will do just fine!!! It's a long haul, but as you say, very doable!
Congrats to both of you on making it to the other side! Celebrate when you can!!!!!